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As Ethiopia braces against hunger UN seeks nearly 2 million for emergency

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With Ethiopia facing an alarming food situation marked by widespread drought affecting millions of people, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) today appealed for $1.9 million to fund emergency projects aimed at alleviating the crisis. The money will be used in part to provide veterinary instruments to poorly equipped animal clinics in the drought-hit Afar and Somali Regions. In addition, supplementary feed will be supplied to breeding cows. In large parts of Tigray Region, the drought, coupled with the increased spread of animal diseases, is causing livestock deaths. In response, FAO plans to distribute drugs, vaccines and veterinary equipment in order to promote the recovery of the cattle herds which thousands of families depend on. Other projects deal with the rehabilitation of irrigation schemes and the provision of seeds and pumps – measures which the agency says will contribute to food security in Ethiopia. read more