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Everquest Next may be the first MMO to support Oculus Rift

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first_imgAlthough some of us may be a bit skeptical about what Everquest Next will bring to the MMO table, the games certainly has a lot of potential. The development team has promised a return to gameplay similar to the original Everquest, although the game is set in a parallel world of Norrath allowing for a lot of flexibility with the storyline, locations, characters, and gameplay.Something not announced during the initial unveiling of Everquest Next has been hinted at in a new development video released yesterday. Entitled “Inside the Black Box,” you can watch the video below. Be sure to pay full attention when you reach the 1m 50s mark and Creative Director Jeff Butler appears on screen.What you will have noticed is Butler finishes talking and then proceeds to put on an Oculus Rift before playing a build of a game.Although no reference is actually made to the virtual reality headset, Butler makes it very obvious Sony Online Entertainment is at least experimenting with supporting Oculus Rift in the game. If that makes it to the final game, then Everquest Next may be the first MMO to support the headset.Walking around totally immersed in an MMO world using an Oculus Rift could be awesome if executed well. By that I mean they also add support for the Omni treadmill, which would allow you to really walk around the world.As well as the immersive benefits of adding such support, Everquest Next could actually produce a new class of ultra-fit MMO gamers. Running around the Everquest environment for several hours every night hooked up to a Rift and standing in an Omni is going to keep the weight off, or even help gamers lose a few pounds. It’s also going to be much harder to reach for those sugar-filled drinks and snacks while playing if you’re using such a setup.Now read: Watch 20 minutes of The Elder Scrolls Online gameplaylast_img read more