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Doctor Who Ghost Stories Part 2 Introduces New Dangers

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first_imgLast we left them, Lucy, Grant (a.k.a. superhero The Ghost), Jennifer, and the Doctor were in mortal danger at the smoldering hands of The Smoke.Of course, our champion isn’t going to die in the first of a four-part series. But that cliffhanger no doubt left some readers with a lump in their throat.On Christmas Eve 1992, then-eight-year-old Grant Gordon mistakenly swallowed a wish-granting gemstone, gaining superpowers like those in his favorite comic books. Now, that stone will lead the Doctor—and Grant, Lucy, and Jennifer—across space and time to find the other three missing pieces.When they land in dystopian-future New York City, superhero The Ghost meets his super-villain match, The Smoke, also empowered by one of the gems.As the fearsome entity readies a killing blow, the Doctor steps in to save the day.“A hero doesn’t freeze. A hero rises to the occasion,” a grateful Lucy narrates. “A hero chases away the monsters and saves the day. Or sacrifices themselves so that others can live.”via Titan ComicsIssue two, written by George Mann with art by Pasquale Qualano and Dijjo Lima, features the Twelfth Doctor’s trademark sarcasm and compassion: He insists that The Smoke is not a super villain, but “a very confused, very scared young man” who needs their help.Initially reminiscent of Pixar’s The Incredibles plot (a disaffected super-fan tries to follow in his idol’s footsteps), the comic takes a quick turn toward the unexpected, as the Doctor and his groupies reunite with some old friends foes.In their quest to recover the remaining gemstones and help the people—er, dominant species—of Nixtus III, the team split up, facing their own dangers. Will everyone survive?Part two of Titan Comics’ Ghost Stories mini series is available now in print for $8.Comixology, meanwhile, sells single-issue digital editions (one through seven) for $1.99 each; fans can also subscribe to the series online.last_img read more