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Portal 2 receiving zero scores from grumpy gamers

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first_imgWhen Valve first started teasing Portal 2 the Internet heaved with excitement as gamers around the world braced for another exciting visit to the cake-less world of Aperture Science. That excitement continued right up to release day where everything looked on track for this to be Game of the Year material. Even the gaming press’ reviews were all positive scoring an average 95 out of a possible 100.But then gamers actually got their hands on the game, and the user reviews started appearing on Metacritic. They weren’t all 10s, in fact so far roughly half of them are 3 or less giving an average user score of just 5.8. So what went wrong?The complaints can be summed up into four categories:The game is too short at around four hours for a playthroughThere’s expensive DLC content available at launchThe PC version seems to be an afterthought and a port from the console versionThe Potato Sack promotion is being viewed as a marketing ploy to get gamers spending moreI for one have yet to play the game, but these user reviews are putting me off paying full price for it. Although I understand many day-one user reviews are not a good reflection of a game, the fact nearly half the scores are 0-3 cannot be overlooked.Choice phrases from the reviews include describing the game as a “cash grab,” “pathetic,” “rushed,” and “woefully short.” There’s also a claim that buying all the DLC costs $80-$90 and that this is a lazy port because on the PC version you see the message “Do not turn off your console.”Here’s a few examples of the poorest reviews:Has Valve really messed up here? We have to point to the gaming press reviews as a counter-argument here, and all the 10 scores also being awarded by gamers. But I think everyone expected Valve to walk away with a perfect 10 from gamers as well as the press, and a load of awards including best game of 2011. Clearly that is not going to happen now.Read more at the Metacritic Portal 2 user reviews page, via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more