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Opening ceremony of the XV Pacific Games Port Moresby

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first_img21:47pm-Fireworks light up the Waigain skies.21:46pm-And a shell is illuminated in the night sky and wan solwara lit up across the stadium21:45pm-DIka Toua walks 50 steps to lay the baton21:43pm-The baton now does the final lap with PNG”s star athletes…Geua Tau, Ryan Pini, Steven Kari, Dika Toua to name a few…Dika Toua in full Motu Koita regalia21:43pm-A sacred dance from the Namatanai district of the New Ireland Province being performed before the official guests21:35pm-The Games have been declared open by Prince Andrew21:34pm-“Amazing, spectacular, opening ceremony,” he describes the opening…Relays the Queen and Prince Philip’s well wishes to the Pacific Games.21:33pm-HRH, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew addresses the crowd.21:30pm-Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill makes his welcome speech,Sporting facilities are world class, he says….Special mention to volunteers and those who made it happen21:28pm- He acknowledges the preparations for the 15th Pacific Games by PNG is the best they have ever seen..21:24pm-Formal speeches begin with the Chair person of the Pacific Games, Emma Waiwai.21:21pm-The Official party now approaches the stage21:20pm-Rev Waters says a prayer for Peace, Security, Love, Honor and Respect21:17pm -Six students carry the Pacific Games flag across the track to the official stage21:15pm -Fireworks go off outside the stadium21:12pm-In the backdrop – artists impressions on canvas of the powerful message to respect our Land..Save it for our children and their children21:11pm- The value of Land to our people, is the highlight of his song.21:10pm -Sir George Telek enters the scene with another number as part of the drama performance21:09pm -A performance with a difference now on center stage. Depicting changes perhaps PNG has seen and the lucrative mining industry21:05pm-Now the talents combine for a welcome song to our guests……They take their leave…Fantastic performance21:04pm-From the Southern Region – the Paramana Strangers on stage with their old favourite “Lekuleku21:03pm -Sir George Telek takes the stage to be joined by another legend, Patti Pots DoiTom Lari from Simbu joins the pair…crowd loves it20:55pm -They take their leave ending the walk in by participating countries..20:54pm-They appear to be doing their war cry on the podium 19:50pm -The arena is starting to fill up with traditional dancing groups…a breathtaking picture of colorful culture all in the same place 19:31pm – We have just seen the Chimbu group perform center stage. Explosive colors, rich culture… 20:14pm -Coming now – the Federated States of Micronesia. 19:35pm – Coming on stage in the famous tapa – the Oro Province dancers 17:15pm -Papua New Guineans made their way to the Sir John Guise Stadium as early as 1pm today for the XV Pacific Games Opening ceremony. 20: 13pm-Cook Islands coming in next.The do a ritual for the crowd. Theri version of the Haka? 20:10pm – American Samoe grace the stadium now clad in their usual Blue For the first time – Team Australia is introduced to the Pacific Games. Green and white floral shirts and black shorts. With a seating capacity of 15, 000, the stadium is expected to be filled up. 18:40pm – Tura providing entertainment 17:35pm -Para athletes being escorted into the stadium as spectators pour in. There’s tight security on sight outside the main grand stand as cultural performers enter the stadium. 19:46pm – The dancing continues. Each new group representing a unique part of PNG in their own unique finery. 18:20 – Athletes from paticipating countries continue to at the Sir John Guise stadium 19:15pm -There are four towers on the arna – representing the four regions of Papua New Guinea: Southern, Momase, Highlands and the New Guinea Islands 19:18pm – Our guests are witnessing the rich culture of the traditional landowners of Port Moresby 19:50pm- Now the Siassi dancers from the Morobe Province. 18:00pm- The stadium is 90 percente full as the count down for the Opening ceremony draws near.The first lot of singsing group are ready to take the arena to spice up the crowd with PNG culture. 19:48pm- The Bougainville region enters now..the bamboo flute and a roar from the audience The opening ceremony is promised to be spectacular. 17:25pm – Singsing groups from all over the country are gathered getting themselves ready for the official opening ceremony which is hours away. 19:10pm – Now the Hiri Hanenamos from the the Motu Koita area grace the areana with a life size replica of the traditional Hiri Lagatoi. 20:53pm-And the host team break into chants 19:31pm -The Highlands groups continue their captive performance 20:00pm –  Youths just presented their version of the National Pledge 19:38pm – Now we see the Manus dancers. 19:39pm- Now the Rigo dancers make thei entry with the famous war dance 19:10pm – There are more than 1400 hiri dancers all from the motu koita villages. 19:58pm -Children wearing the National colors now sing O Arise 19:20pm – There are four towers on the arna – representing the four regions of Papua New Guinea: Southern, Momase, Highlands  and the New Guinea Islands 19:33pm – Now a lively entrance from the Miline Bay Province representing the Southern Region 18:27pm -NCD schools have arrived they ..Including Boreboa, Salvation Army primary and Gordons secondary schools. Total number of students 1000, 600 of them come from the Motu Koitabu area of Central Province 19:19pm- The opening ceremony is being broadcast live by EMTV and NBC radio. 17:50pm -Loop PNG met ABG president John Momis as he was arrived. 20:14pm -They do a courtesy and leave the podium 19:42pm – A group from the Mekeo District, Central Province has just left the stage, beautiful colorful grasskirts and head wear 19:58pm – The National Anthem is now being played by conch shell. 20:15pm – Fiji enters the arena now. The first hosts of the Pacific Games.They said shouted out BULA to the crowd. 19:37pm – The Oro group is performing a dance symbolising the Alexandria butterfly 19:18pm- The Huli dancers from the Enga Province now take center stage 19:00pm – Twenty two traditional singsing groups marching into the stadium as the crowd await. 20: 03pm – Now the countries parade through the arena. Starting with the last hosts of the Pacific Games – New Caledonia in their Red and rey. 20:51pm -Team PNG still filing into the stadium arena..20:49pm -Ryan Pini and Toea Wisil – great smiles20:48pm- And wild screaming to welcome team Papua New Guniea20:46pm -Wallis and Futuna now on stage. 80 athletes…They stop for a dance performance.. And the crowd loved it!!20:41pm -Team Vanuatu now on stage..They carry a banner reading “Tenk yu tru ol wantok long Papua New Guinea.20:39pm -Tuvalu now come on stage…They break into song too20:36pm -From the Island Kingdom – 187 athletes from Tonga..Now the Tongans break into song and dance20:36pm -Next in Tokelau..Only one representative – female20:33pm-Tahiti coming through – brilliant Red and White..Looks like they have a introduction for us all..They take their places now.Short and sharp from Team Tahiti20:29pm- Solomon ISlands our closest neighbor..They get a roaring welcome from the PNG wantoks20:28pm – Team Samoa on stage now….Sea of Blue and off they go with the Siva20:25pm-Niue coming in now…..Team Norfolk Islands enter the arena. A rather small contingent. Northern Marianas coming in now….Palau make a quiet entry20:25pm -And welcoming for the first time too – New Zealand. A rather small team taking their place in the arena.They giving us the Haka no. And the crowd loving it20:20pm -Marshall Islands coming in now.Looks to be the smallest country at the games20:19om -Kiribati coming in now…bright red and blu tracks…ready to begin their chant…20:17pm- Team Guam make their entry now.Guam has a go at a chant for the crowd.last_img read more