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“If Víctor Sánchez runs out of work I will offer him to come to the Federation”

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first_imgVAR: “For the first time, what was seen in the VAR has been broadcast.”Luis Enrique: “With us he is charming, hardworking. He is very excited. He was the one we trust and hopefully he will get us far. There are favorite teams ahead of Spain and we will try to go as far as possible.”Old format: “Of the 80,000 fans and 15,000 were members the rest were tourists who were in Barcelona and paid 200 or 300 euros per ticket. They had to put it at zero euros the entrance so that the field did not remain empty. The clubs asked us to this format will end. We got more money with those who participate and for those who don’t. The Super Cup was a hindrance to the clubs. The Spanish fans at the time they were playing were not interested because if the European competition qualification was being played it is a hindrance “We have lived through it. Before you had to give away the tickets. It was a devalued tournament. Between the decision to remove it and do this and have vision abroad. Today there were presidents of 30 federations. We are going to play something very nice as it is to host a World Cup and it is a detail that counts. The best campaign to show our football is to see it on site “.Women: “We want to be a partner in the 2030 project. It is the first game where there has been a tremendous influx of women. We cannot claim that in one day everything will change and we will collaborate.” Closures: “If clubs ask for hardening, it may be time to bring about changes in legislation.”Vallecas: “As president of the skinny Federation, I would have an independent body. There are intolerable things on the pitch.”Ready to resist the pressures when a big one falls in the Cup: “I don’t feel that pressure from the clubs. They are supportive. I have played in all categories and those who need it most are the ones below.”Super league: I believe in the line that Ceferin has marked. We are working on a balance in competitions that increasingly earn more in income. “VAR Super League Cup: “I hope LaLiga accepts it and that whoever makes the images accepts that what is being reviewed is known if there has been a hand or not, or if it is out of play or not.”Candidate rival to the Federation: “We have doubled the budget of the Federation from 170 to 340 million euros. We have become the second Federation with income and in a few years we will be the first. There are no more arguments than power. If I have the money, I agree with the media and I command everything. Modest football is committed to Rubiales. “Elections: “I would like to make the elections before the European Championship and the Games. If the CSD runs a little, elections could be called this month and made for a little before or a little after Holy Week that you cannot vote.”Boxes: “If he gathers the guarantees and he wants to. I am going to present myself and I will win. We lead the transparency worldwide. We went from 2.7 points to 10. Iker has not reached me. He has been a spectacular goalkeeper and in as for management I don’t know his experience. Any Spanish who wants to introduce himself can do it. “ Luis Rubiales went through the microphones of “El Larguero” of the SER after the second semifinal match of the Spain Supercup.Happy: “This Wednesday when I left the stadium too. Sometimes I am serious and that photo is published more. When you hold a public office there are criticisms and you have to accept it.”Víctor Sánchez del Amo: “I have been two months without entering Twitter until Víctor Sánchez del Amo that if he wants he has the open doors of the Federation open. Respect for Malaga. What they have done to him is a crime. If he runs out of work I will to offer him to come (to the Federation). I will talk to Molina and we will look for a professional job. In the Federation he will have the doors open because I believe that what has happened is tremendous. “Defend Victor in Malaga: “The way I have to defend it is this. I called him before putting what I put on Twitter to find out if he authorized it from the first minute. He told me to do what I wanted. I made him totally convinced. I hope he stays in Malaga and like anyone who throws out of his work we open the door of the Federation if he does not have something that makes him happier. The president of the coaches has already spoken with him “.Twitter reviews: “The messages were polite. We have explained everything that has been done. Managing LaLiga’s television rights is simple, but managing poor football has merit.”Conditions in Arabia: “In the presentation I said that if we were going it was because the conditions we had were very good, it was not the only country because there were others around those conditions and we could also do an important job. This is one of the countries that has to move forward and a lot although it is not our function football is helping here. We have received congratulations. The people here when you go out on the street the women come to thank you. Another thing is what you wanted to sell by certain means that have agreements economic subsidies or agreement with some football institution. It is difficult to find objectivity. I think there will be a before and after in Arabia after this Super Cup. More and more intelligent people know that whatever you do, someone always criticizes you that either It is objective, it cannot be that we are always wrong, there are means that have other interests Amnesty International called us and we answered and Cho a public disclosure of each movement. Maybe I could ask about that or other issues. Diplomacy in certain circumstances is important. They started asking us for women to enter the stadium. “Complaints in Valencia and Valverde: “Whenever I have spoken with him he has been polite and not well informed. In February he changed the format. Just as in the Champions League, not only the champions play. I do not intend to compare the Super Cup which is a much humbler tournament with the Champions League than it’s the best tournament in the world. This changed before there was a league champion, runner-up and not even finalists. It changed much earlier. It also changed by an overwhelming vote in which they decided it was the right format. If they have not been informed. It did not change on a whim it was by an overwhelming vote. All Spanish football, coaches, referees, players and clubs decided it was the right format. Barça was League champion but if it had been second it would have come the same. It is not a champion format, it is a format that has the two best in the League and the two best in the Cup. “last_img read more