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3DS game cases to be slimmer DSi power cables compatible

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first_imgThe guys over at Andriasang have dug up a load of new information relating to the 3DS hardware from Nintendo’s official Japanese 3DS site. Unlike the recent bad news about the battery life and region locking of the games, there’s actually some good news here.For the collectors among you who are running short of shelf space, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nintendo has decided to make 3DS cases slimmer. We don’t know how slim exactly, but they won’t be as fat as DS cases are. However, DS case size varies per territory, so we’re not sure if they are going to be slimmer than all DS cases or just a certain territories e.g. Japan.The second bit of good news is that DSi and DSi XL AC adapters are compatible with the 3DS. So if you own a DS you automatically have a backup or second adapter to carry around for charging.As for the cartridges, the 3DS cartridge casing has a small extra section of plastic on the top right to differentiate it as seen in this comparison image:Other information of note is the fact that 3DS games have a higher resolution than DS games when not using 3D to view them. Those expecting DS games to look better on the 3DS will be disappointed as no upscaling is going to be available, they will look that same as on a DS. There’s also no chance the 3D effect will be used with DS games.Unlike the DS, the 3DS can perform data transfers when in sleep mode allowing for StreetPass to always be on and keeping up-to-date. The data transfer speed is also surprisingly good with up to 12 games capable of being transferred at the same time.Finally, the 3DS has the ability to multitask. So you can be playing a game, pause it and bring up the Home menu, and start surfing the Internet, or access your apps like the Memo pad. When done, you can instantly return to the game.Read more at Andriasanglast_img read more