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English clubs would sign a pact not to take players

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first_imgThe pandemic of coronavirus It is causing such an economic impact that it has generated an economic crisis that of course will also affect football. It is expected that in the Premier League alone, the losses for the remaining nine days (ten in some cases) have amounted to more than 1,400 million euros, always on the assumption that the competition is canceled, although restarting would not improve the situation too much.For several days now, clubs in England have been negotiating pay cuts, although an agreement has not yet been reached (not expected until the end of April or even the beginning of May), and as he explains Daily Mail, many players unhappy with the salary cut that the teams will execute with them could cause these players to threaten to leave to another club that paid them the desired chip after a transfer.But according to the British newspaper, the clubs themselves would have already anticipated these potential cases and were negotiating a truce that would prevent players from being removed from each other, that is to say, a non-aggression pact so that the athletes themselves raise the expenses on the basis of transfers (the greater chip of a new player could destabilize a staff that is suffering cuts). A series of measures are being discussed In this way, it would also be avoided that the teams least affected by the crisis benefit from the most disadvantaged by stealing footballers for a price that is not fair. This non-aggression pact would be valid so that the player does not go to another club in the Premier League or the Championship so that they upload the card, although it would not serve to leave the United Kingdom. Despite these measures, it must be remembered that the players do not have termination clauses there (although they can request the ‘transfer request’), but it seems that the clubs will collaborate to develop a truce that benefits everyone, especially with the arrival of the Brexit, which among other things and except for a last minute agreement, will no longer allow them to sign players under the age of 18, which will put them at a disadvantage with most countries, which can do so at 16.last_img read more