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Roger: “There are players who doing less are heard more”

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first_imgNow it plays the Camp Nou, the 500th Levante match in Primera, where they have not yet been able to score in 17 visits.We face it as a challenge. In the end we still haven’t got anything positive out of there and why not. The equipment is needed. We have to get that pride and that claw and try to get something positive out of Camp Nou.Two just victories and one defeat and it seems that there is a crisis in Barcelona. Now, balm after the baggy victory in the Cup.Well, in the end they are teams that have the highest demands and at the minimum that have a stumble seem to be in crisis, but I think it is not. I think it’s even bad for us to play the other day in the League, but to get something positive we have to be very focused, focus on us and I already tell you that the team arrives with hurt pride and I think it’s a good time to get something out positive to give us that push. More than 100 matches in First and second maximum historical scorer of Levante in the category (26). Does your future plan go through making history or do you pose other challenges?In the end I have a contract here (until 2023), I am at ease, why not continue here for more years. In the end in the world of football you never know. Right now I am very focused on this season and, as I say, in football you never know what can happen but I am very calm.Have there been siren songs this winter market? Espanyol showed a strong interest in you in summer.Yes, I will not deceive you, yes there have been things. Espanyol himself seems to me that he was also quite interested now in January but, as I say, I am very focused on finishing the season here, on continuing to score goals, achieve collective goals. In football you never know but I have a contract here and I don’t want to leave.What seems clear is that the new market in Spain is going to shake this year.I like football and I like to be aware. Yes, it is true that there is movement of nine, the clubs are looking for the goal a lot and I already tell you that I am calm, I am focused and I do not think I move from here. One of those who has sounded loud is Chimy Ávila, seriously injured before Levante. What message do you send that knows what it is to go through that?The next day I wrote a message on Instagram. Because in the end I think it’s a whore that happens that injury the moment he is. I have lived it twice and wanted to send a message. He answered me very gratefully and, I tell you, above all I said that in the end they are injuries that make you learn, that fly by and make you much stronger. I wished him the best and he sure is going to do very well.Barcelona was looking forward. Do you think it is necessary?Well, in the end it is a team that, if not the best in the world, is one of the best. They will find a player that fits for sure. I think any ‘9’ would want to go to Barça.With players like Messi or Griezmann, do you think the figure of a forward is so urgent?I think so. In the end it shows when Luis Suarez plays and when not. I think it takes a lot of work for Messi and Griezmann and having a reference above. With the work that Suarez does, I think a fixed nine would do very well for Barcelona. Were you surprised by Setién’s choice for the culé bench?In the end, the football he practices is very similar to the Barça style. He already showed it with Betis and that is what he wants to continue doing in Barcelona. In the end the changes take a process and he is in that, sure that with the equipment he has it is much easier but the results will arrive. I hope it is not this weekend.Do you see any similarity with Paco López’s style?Well, perhaps in the fact of being daring, in giving value to having the ball and I think that in that sense they are quite similar. Perhaps Paco is a bit more vertical, with a more direct approach to his game and I think they have similarities, but there is a clear difference.How is your relationship with the master?With him it has always seemed that we have a somewhat tense relationship, but at no time has it been that way. I am a player of character and many times when I have not played because I have been noticed, but always with respect. I have continued doing my thing, I have continued to work and today the coach has my confidence and that is thanks to the work I have been giving the team and I want to continue giving, and I hope he continues to trust me. I have a good relationship with Paco and there is no more.When we talk about Roger, sometimes we reduce the analysis to the goal, when he contributes much more to the team.In the end what they see are the goals, but I think that behind me there is a lot of work. I think I work a lot for the team, I open spaces, I fight, I don’t give up a lost ball and then if I accompany it with goals, much better. But it is true that when there is a game in which you do not make it seems that you have made a bad game and I think that behind that there is a lot of work for the benefit of the team.How have they managed in the locker room the defeat in El Sadar and the Campaign error?I believe that, despite the defeat, we were reinforced because we had been asking weeks ago that the team lacked some intensity and character, and in a field like El Sadar we managed to get it out. Removing the campaign error, the team did a very good job and the most normal would have been the draw. It would have been a very good point for us and we would have won in confidence. We met the next day in the locker room, we told each other things, but they were things to reinforce because we did many things well. Campaign already saw that it was a mistake and that’s it, he knows the team is with him. It gives us a lot, it has to be controlled in those aspects but being 100% focused is an indispensable player.center_img First, how is it?Very well, I find myself in a great moment personally. Yes, it is true that the team needs a victory on the collective level, but I am sure it will come soon. Nor have things started in the best way in 2020.Yes, in the end we are not going through a good moment in terms of results. But the team is still strong, we know that the victories will return and we must continue working. I tell you, we are not going to an ideal field to get something positive, but we arrive with enthusiasm and want to bring us a point at least.You, however, are at their best.Personally, it is very gratifying to see that your work is rewarded with goals. In the end I have always made goals in all categories: last year, in Second, with the subsidiary … Maintaining that continuity I will continue to give goals to the team and hopefully so.Top national gunner of the first round, now tied to goals (9) with Angel, from Getafe. Are you angry that you don’t talk so much about yourself?Maybe there are players who doing less are heard more. I have never had that luck. Doing a lot of work has cost me more for things to be recognized. I think I have been at a great level in Primera for two years, which is not easy. I scored 13 goals last year and this has been 9. Surely they will be more and I hope that I will continue to recognize that it is not easy to achieve goals in the First Division. In the end I keep doing my thing quietly and waiting for the fruits.last_img read more