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NASA InSights marsquake detector is ready to listen to Mars heartbeat

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first_img NASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens. Whew – winding down after a long day, but I’ve done it: I’ve placed my seismometer on the surface of Mars! With SEIS, I’ll be able to listen in for marsquakes and help reveal the heartbeat of #Mars. https://t.co/GYNO4txPPi pic.twitter.com/18eQHXOfiO— NASA InSight (@NASAInSight) December 20, 2018 Now playing: Watch this: “Seismometer deployment is as important as landing InSight on Mars,” said InSight Principal Investigator Bruce Banerdt. “The seismometer is the highest-priority instrument on InSight: We need it in order to complete about three-quarters of our science objectives.”Because this isn’t NASA’s first rodeo, a team of scientists has been practising the deployment of instruments with an exact replica of the lander (known as ForeSight) on a fake Mars set back here on Earth. (Fun fact: the fake Martian dust is made from crushed up garnet stones). And the practice has paid off. “InSight’s timetable of activities on Mars has gone better than we hoped,” said InSight Project Manager Tom Hoffman. “Getting the seismometer safely on the ground is an awesome Christmas present.” Sci-Tech Share your voice NASA Space NASA’s InSight lander has perfectly deployed its seismometer on the surface of Mars, ready to listen for marsquakes. NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA’s InSight mission is going from strength to strength with news that the Mars lander has successfully positioned its seismometer, ready to listen for marsquakes. NASA announced the news late on Wednesday, tweeting out a GIF of the instrument being placed on the red dust of Mars. According to the space agency, it’s the first time a scientific instrument has ever been placed on the surface of another planet. The InSight lander touched down on Mars in late November, ready for a seven-year mission that will see the spacecraft drill deeper into the planet than ever before. It will measure how the planet wobbles on its axis as it orbits the sun and ultimately study the composition of Mars’ core. Alongside all that science, InSight will also study seismic activity on Mars — just like Earth gets earthquakes, NASA is looking for ground motion, or “marsquakes,” beneath the Martian surface. But to do all that, NASA had to position InSight’s seismometer just right, which is no easy feat when you’re remotely operating a spacecraft on another planet with an eight-minute communications delay.  0 NASA’s InSight landing and the crazy odds behind getting… 5:54 Tags Post a commentlast_img read more

Modi asks ministers to reach office on time avoid working from home

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first_imgPM Modi has set his eye on water management, agriculture and security issues on the domestic front.IANSIn his first meeting with the new Council of Ministers on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed all the ministers to reach office on time every morning and avoid working from home.He also asked the cabinet ministers to involve their deputy ministers (Ministers of State) in all important decisions of the ministeries. He said the deputy ministers should be given adequate responsibilities.He further added that Members of Parliament and party workers should be given time for meeting, suggesting that their grievances should be heard.Ahead of the Council of Ministers meeting, the Prime Minister met his Cabinet and outlined the road-map and action plan of his government for the next five years. He took several decisions including triple talaq Bill among others.This was the first-ever meeting of the new Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister. Sources said he spelled out his priorities for Mission 2022 and asked them to present a report card every three months.Sources said the Prime Minister told his colleagues that he would review the task done by them and would monitor the ‘high priority’ schemes being implemented by the various ministries.Sources said the Prime Minister was more concerned about the schemes and projects such as ‘housing for all’ related with Mission 2022, the year when the country celebrates its 75th year of Independence.He spelled out his priorities related to ministries dealing with the social sector. For Rural Development and the newly-constituted Jal Shakti Ministry, Modi outlined specific tasks, the sources said.At present water crisis, particularly in rural areas, is posing a grave threat for the agriculture sector in the wake of apprehensions of a drought in the western region.Modi has already asked the ministries to furnish an action plan for their respective departments for the first 100 days.Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told media that the meeting of the Council of Ministers was a regular affair, saying it is a continuation of the practice started by the Prime Minister in 2014.last_img read more