Error optimization method of Enterprise Station ER in Shanghai Longfeng you do

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to control the global health guide website included

in the construction of enterprise station should not be used by a practice to set the navigation bar, company profiles, news and information, contact us the navigation bar for our website really works? Just site included an enterprise station is generally the news has beenincluded more, and products the content is basically not included. This phenomenon is not a collection of health condition is not ideal, because a website construction enterprises the main purpose is to think highly of exposure of their products or services to bring sales. So, the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng Er should always hold as much as possible to allow search engines to optimize the product page.

The painful lessons of


we all know the chain for a new means what, also know what is outside the chain platform, more know to pursue high quality chain. However, not all of the chain platform are suitable for you in this industry, you a garment enterprises to go to Shanghai station all day dragon class website chain have effect? The chain platform, the chain of many methods. No

is suitable for the construction of the user needs external links

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reject the wrong station used


bloody, love Shanghai in June 28th on the Internet with low quality content sites "holocaust" we unfortunately basically all customer sites are K light. The optimization we have embarked on a road to be K from the beginning of construction of small business station feeling. Stand for the enterprise how to build, how to optimize. In China mostly set company profile, products, news and information, contact us the navigation. The optimization is only limited to the station to update information, some forum to do character signature, and not the enterprises well analysis of user demand in the end you built for what kind of station optimization scheme. I believe that many people do not have a deep thinking, especially the network company, customer station more optimization seldom no way at every station do a very detailed analysis. The events of 628 large enterprises station is K, we optimize the road should be how to walk, the following is the small view.

enterprise station products not much information can not guarantee the content can be updated every day, but also to let the Shanghai dragon Er station content more indexed by search engines. Therefore, the information update station is a common practice. But this approach also tend to stack keywords situation. A brief article often add anchor text much, vowing to put the chain number in others sites send everything up on its website. This approach is only in the fire itself, love sea K your site sooner or later, do not want to be loved at K station in Shanghai station of Shanghai Longfeng enterprise Er can get rid of this.

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