A5 marketing why no big companies to do Shanghai dragon outsourcing

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a website sound, not only to send the chain, but also to optimize the long-term follow-up of the station, such as the correct keywords and internal chain deployment, structure, upgrade the user experience, will directly affect the growth effect of site, even some of the company’s director of Shanghai Longfeng income will reach more than one million.


three: how to choose the

optimization outsourcing companyIn ten of small and medium sized enterprises


some of the sites did not responsible for Shanghai Longfeng processing, even Shanghai dragon team could reach more than 10 people, why they do not choose to do outsourcing? Otherwise unable to obtain stable flow. This is why? Because no one can make the outsourcing company website ranking really reach the top.

A5 station network in 2011 launched the first time Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, now have more love Shanghai official recognition. The diagnosis is: Shanghai dragon on the site analysis, quickly find the website weight is low, the search included less, keywords > row

my site is only an ordinary site, and certainly large websites than not ah, how to find dozens of people? So many companies choose outsourcing or love Shanghai auction, but this is a long-term payment process, stop payment, ranking disappear, flow away. How to solve this problem?

today, my colleagues recommended me a want to do Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, through the view of any index page ranking words are not, but have done a year of Shanghai dragon outsourcing, really want to ask you to spend money: just do brand word? May have been poisoned too deep, really hard to communicate with him to choose Shanghai dragon diagnosis, may be that peer slander? Today we say: why no big companies do Shanghai dragon

many companies are doing Shanghai dragon, but how many people really know what is Shanghai dragon? Many companies choose Shanghai dragon outsourcing, but the Shanghai dragon still do very bad, also talked about.

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outsourcing company, there are five Shanghai Phoenix are pure hair of the chain, the other three do the most likely to do the optimization of products, and the last two are in accordance with the requirements of customers to do keyword ranking Shanghai dragon. But the final result is only two kinds: first, customer requirements will be key to do, at the expense of the total weight, are concentrated to a word. Second, do not related keywords.

, for example, before doing a type of tourism website, not a core word ranking, outsourcing companies do some low competition for the route optimization, do not spend money: the index of route optimization, where is the value? The reason is very simple: outsourcing companies easier to solve.


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