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PR, a pretty

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, other classified information, forum and industry website to restrict users leave the anchor text, hyperlinks or text links, friends of the chain link to the webmaster is a pity chain as gold. Because the chain links can improve the site of PR, increase the amount collected love Shanghai and improve the keywords ranking effect etc.. But if in exchange when a chain of improper operation, will cause the site into the doomed eternally. When we exchange Links, how to improve the Links

two, included the normal

a lot of people in the exchange chain will be the first time to see the weight of the other site, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the majority. There are many now query weight website, and each kind of query tool it will appear difference. Love Shanghai did not give every website real weight, so different Webmaster Tools calculation website called weight are based on different methods, so the weight we see is not the real weight of the site. When we exchange chain, if the website PR, it proves that if in the same time two outbound links, each link of the website, the PR value transfer is generally equal.

three and site

exchange chain, outbound links most people are more concerned about the other site, snapshot date and weight and the PR value. The number of the chain and included the situation is often overlooked by Shanghai dragon Er, a web site is normal, it can be proved that the content of the website is to search the love, it is a good comprehensive. This is a website with potential, and it is worth to be friends.

four, ranking similar

site is not in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the first is down right or be K (the maximum penalty is K is down right), there are many reasons why a site down the right, for example, change the website title and keywords, space transfer etc.. If the other site is a high quality website originally temporarily be right down, we can keep the webmaster contact, and other websites to restore the normal situation, we will exchange with each other, and not see each other is not appropriate, because the decline, who can guarantee their own website forever "superior".

and other rolling links do not, because the rolling link is not recognized by search engines; cross links do not, because the cross links not only management difficulties, and.

in the first placeThe


site keywords ranking is the weight of the similar keywords in the site is almost two key words site can support each other, this website for those keywords top is relatively important. It can be said, and related industry ranked similar website links to search engines, it is equal to two of the same level people agree with each other, so that the "vote" is more recognized by search engines.

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