Love the sea really put you as the original source

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I’m in the A5 Adsense nets cast a soft, but 2 hours later, found in the audit success, but I check included, has not been included in the Shanghai love, so I love the sea search for the title of the article, the original articles included me be startled at, in other sites, other sites must be collected A5 webmaster net, then, I think, love Shanghai will identify who is original? So I did an experiment, just to love Shanghai A5 station network included the first release of the article, in order to decide the conclusion. The second day, I checked the original articles included, A5 station is love Shanghai included, but I love Shanghai in search of the title, in the first row is the A5 station network, but another site of another collection of A5 articles, let’s look at the time of release, A5 net release time it is 11:36 on May 27, 2013, and the acquisition station release time is 13:14 on May 27, 2013, but why is it ranked in the front? You can see pictures, love Shanghai included the original A5 that article, but the ranking is not the first, as follows:

In fact, love is that Shanghai

acquisition station is original, why do you say that? You may feel not release time can determine who is the original? Love Shanghai not think so, because some time release system can be easily modified, may cheat, to love Shanghai will not release time as the main reference factor recognition the original source, that is what love? Shanghai official also pointed out: " adjust the identification and sorting algorithm has been committed to the original content, there are many factors will affect the identification of the original algorithm, and even lead to the failure of judgment. First of all, to the original acquisition and polymerization by content similarity, the similar pages together as the original identification of the candidate set; secondly, the collection of the original candidate, by author, publication time, links, user reviews, author and site history, the original forward trajectory such as hundreds of factors to identify the original judgment "finally, through the analysis of the value system; value judgment level of the original content and appropriate guidance for final ranking ".

actually see this title, we will think of this not what can be the matter in dispute. After a few days I found, I feel love in Shanghai to estimate the original sources is not mature enough, love Shanghai in the webmaster information platform also released the original thing, the establishment of the original project team to fight a protracted war, and pointed out that the original "origin" recognition algorithm, but this algorithm is not mature enough, so I came to Shanghai to talk about love that something original, webmaster should pay attention to this problem, don’t let the other grab your labor.

love Shanghai but also gives some suggestions, we can also go to the Ping Service, because of love in Shanghai approved release time, all our servers crawling when the Ping Service is to update notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, is used.

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