One of the key points of Links the inside pages can not be ignored

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The importance of

Links self-evident, remember that someone said in the A5 forum, one of the important methods of Shanghai dragon Wang Tong point is the exchange of Links, Links can quickly increase the weight of the site, to ensure the transfer of weight, can let love Shanghai more favor, so here is said to yourself about Links A and easy to overlook the point, that is the inside pages of

in the group saw a classmate that Links, I never change the page, there is always some pages of some of the large Links for me, is not to change, sweat, see here, don’t remind a station easily within the page weight is very low, perhaps, weight a page is higher than your ZhengZhan weight, the most easy to fall in love with the sea search, which search without pages exist within the pages of existence is a symbol, then the weights of the inside pages is how to put up the chain?? then you go to look that some pages fell in love with the sea the ranking is good, have done the chain; want to say here is a correlation, one is the domain name weight, see here, these 2 points is not the essential factor of ranking? Yes, it certainly is, a web site, but also has a correlation Transfer effect, if a page is made of long tail keywords, so for this correlation will transfer effect, that is what is what, not ambiguous, and the weight is the domain name, there is no explanation; for example, the Alibaba section of the page, we inherited the weight of the main station on the one hand, set the correlation in this column, this is a very good performance; don’t think the weight of the inside pages is very low, remember in Shanghai dragon why, Cardiff said, after the Shanghai dragon forum "

Links benefits, so here, simply say some views about Links exchange process. Don’t want to find how to say Links should pay attention to what ah, snapshot ah, PR ah, where to find ah ah ah, QQ group, platform, etc. the common sense of writing, if you write the words, then certainly in order to make soy sauce. So here, speak a little exchange process in Links.

here, little difference between the first simple mention Links and ordinary links, we usually need to do is outside the chain of forums and blogs, but Links is different, the influence is not the same, then simply said, both my own a little bit of views, the most a simple blog posted on the Sina blog, or make a Links link to their website, the significance lies in the accumulation of time and frequency of the spider, a spider blog again the access time is the need for a long time, but is to update the domain independent website is not the same, the worst a week has been updated, so it may cause a spider on your site again access time, which is why the website snapshot update will be better, because of the website Say, let the love of spiders in Shanghai to visit often, anyway, in order to improve the flow.

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