Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng e commerce strategy using Gome love Shanghai open platform

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one of the keywords to love Shanghai to search, results in addition to advertising and official website of its own brand, there is a box like this:

in fact, Gome online mall this website, in many e-commerce sites, Shanghai Longfeng foundation is relatively poor, but we see it in Alexa on some data:

yes, this is the United States electronic online mall weapon in Shanghai Longfeng aspects: love love in Shanghai Shanghai open platform data open platform. Any legitimate sites, as long as the application and website conform to the classification of search engines love Shanghai needed, will be free to love Shanghai submitted to the search engine, like the United States presented in front of the user. Of course, some conditions, including as is to provide the tax registration certificate, authentic licensed assurance (for details see love Shanghai merchandise search, if you see the noble baby divided into the categories of goods). The submitted to love Shanghai, is in the XML format as submitted format, the format is in compliance with the standard, but also to love Shanghai search engine site map file.


from the figure we can see, search traffic proportion of Gome online mall is very high (3C appliances ranked first Jingdong is 11.9%, suning贵族宝贝 is also in 11.8%), but it is more important for us to see the right side of the search for the keyword ranking, in front of a few are large brand keywords, do e-commerce the website of Shanghai dragon friends will know, this kind of search keywords to break into the list is not a simple matter, because the competition is too strong.

so, to >

believes that many Chinese market for Shanghai dragon er know, love Shanghai is a very difficult search engine, not only the rules, sometimes also be rather baffling K (of course, most of the time because of the excessive Shanghai dragon caused, not to mention a detested) love Shanghai, abruptly grab many first place (even worse is the love of Shanghai promotion allows competing products keyword delivery). But we want to introduce an e-commerce website today, Gome is on the network of electronic commerce website. Familiar with electronic commerce China friend might ask: why I don’t like the analysis of Jingdong and suning贵族宝贝 and other well-known website

We take the actual

in Shanghai Longfeng circles actually spread such words: the best of Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon dragon. This sentence sounds like a lot of people may misunderstand, because behind should also take: concentrate on creating good content and do search engine friendly, what Shanghai dragon skills are not. Create the good content in all walks of life are different, but today we are going to discuss little about electronic commerce website in Shanghai love search engine in the Shanghai dragon strategy, how to do love Shanghai search engine friendly


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