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I contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the time from the beginning of June 2010. Remember entered network industry is 2009 May, the Shanghai dragon does not understand. Every day only to imitate other people’s practice, I went to check the Shanghai index was also not love, only to see the people to do the site title is about some types of Wangzhuan keywords, then check their income cut figure is very attractive to me, every day hundreds of hundreds of income cut figure, I think, if I can copy the title and content of them, maybe I will have such a good website ranking and revenues. He also copied their title. After the description and keywords where to copy all the people, even the people of the copy.

In a meeting with

cannot start the optimization of Shanghai Dragon Well, pure is to find the network above, the network above people see the tutorial, some very outdated tutorials for me as treasure. According to the course of the above instructions, I started to go to some classification directory submission site, because the previous tutorial that submitted the catalogue can improve your rankings and included, the weight is very high, I for Gospel truth. Submitted after also found no website ranking up there, then I started the downhearted.

in the ASP system of website management, I slowly found defects, is that it is the access database, every time the amount, if the change of space, upload and download will continue to break, because the database is huge, if each interrupt after all re transmission, used for a long time in and out of habit, I found a lot of trouble.

because before my website is purely static, own website, no background, are FTP submitted the upload page update, I feel very tired, I started to go to the network above mining method easy, slowly found above the network that there are a lot of procedures can be downloaded directly to download a a ASP program, and then through the study of the modified, slowly uploaded to the space layout than I do that pretty much, and the message system, before their desire for such a layout, is very happy.

my first website was born, the name of good Wangzhuan network, because there is no what desirable, take your name at the end of the word as the name of the web site. Well after the commencement of operation, to imitate others, I began to write some tutorials inside the site, basically is to copy the somebody else’s article, then change a little bit, and then use their statement. After two or three months of hard work, I found the website ranking slowly with a little love in Shanghai began in 113, then slowly increase to 85, and then to the first 4 pages of the ranks, and never go up. Some late than I do website, I found that there are several obvious one or two months ahead of my site. I began to wonder what I was doing wrong, I began to slowly toward the direction of the development of Shanghai dragon optimization.


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