The word around behind the optimization technique

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webmasters understand the search engine user experience is the survival of a web site, first is to cater to the user; now or the future, the search engine for the user experience will be more and more valued. Reasonable use of four word correlation technique can not only make the search engine understand the content, can also greatly increase the weight of the website; users can more easily from the search engine get the information they need, this is a win-win situation to the search engine.

clearly, the long tail keywords around a word approach, as long as the user carefully, still can find traces of the search engine will find. So the search engine in the end it as what position? I think the station early to make less use of the early, to enrich the content, if deliberately used the word around, is likely to be sentenced to optimize search engine over into the cage; can be appropriate to use this approach to obtain the trust of the search engine; the late weight comes up I do not have to say, you know what to do.

third: multiple keywords appear in the content. "Actual code" and believe that many webmaster have the keyword for the keyword ranking promotion effect is enormous in the content of the text appears. For the first time the keyword anchor text behind, can not do, in order to natural.

fourth: outside the station anchor text keywords, outside the chain as well as the "long tail optimization" as the anchor text keywords do. This is a common technique applied in the construction of the chain, in the search engine algorithm in position has been very important.

Many webmaster

when doing keyword ranking will use the word around the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques! Here we come to know what is around the word and the word around behind the optimization technique, what is its significance to the search engine and users.

second, the website Keywords tag and description tag also needs to appear keywords. For example, the author Keywords: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou site optimization, Shanghai love optimization, Shanghai dragon knowledge. The author’s Description: Shanghai dragon years working on a couple of website optimization, website promotion and marketing network, to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, to build Hangzhou website optimization to force Internet brand, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

first, the title of the site needs the optimization of key words. For example, the author of the title: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou website optimization, website promotion optimization love Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon – lovers


long tail keywords around a word, can greatly increase the keyword density, to search engine, of course, is a very high correlation. The search engine also can clearly know your article is what to write, so that the keyword has a better ranking. However, the search engine algorithm change frequently, Shanghai dragon technique is the use of the word four times around the word still work? What is the practice what cause for the search and user

what is the word around

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