Micro blog account group let me share the experience of site traffic increased by five times

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included micro-blog is very fast, but the current mainstream micro-blog PR are mostly 0, using the weight transmission theory, depending on how much weight and cannot be passed down, but the weight is low and can not be said not to increase the chain and weight, such as the 300 micro-blog account I in a day can increase 500 the chain. The love of Shanghai is still very good ranking optimization.

micro-blog energy is concerned groups, if the number of your attention in 100 is equivalent to a medium-sized forum, pay attention to the number 500 is equivalent to an advertising banner, the effect is very.

web site outside of the chain webmaster mostly has a blog culture experience, Sina blog once was to a high position, but to change settings from some time ago the blog robot.txt file, love Shanghai spider is the chain weight almost no longer favor large portal blog, publish the blog has not included, this is not often seen in the past, the webmaster have abandoned the culture blog, a few of my friends around to raise hundreds of blog before, is now no longer maintain the blog development, how to explore the new increase chain resources, is now an imminent thing, micro-blog communications the exchange form of point to point, his superiority beyond the Forum, SMS, email, in 2011, two things most fire should be regarded as the group purchase and micro-blog. Every day cruising in the Internet webmaster who can not easily do not pay attention to such things, although micro-blog PR=0, but included is very fast, if you are concerned about the high popularity of words, but also to the site to bring a lot of natural flow. Is a very good way of product marketing website, here is my personal training this time micro-blog account experience to share with everyone.

and micro-blog group purchase are two kinds of Internet products nowadays is fried hot, micro-blog is able to provide effective help to improve the site traffic, my new station so far less than 5 months, through the micro-blog account group promotion, the natural flow and flow into traffic I love Shanghai the rapidly within 1 months increased 5 times, following my personal experiences in the process of exploring to share

we do website promotion and ranking webmaster, to improve the visibility of the website is simple, and natural flow, we should not only pay attention to the efficiency but also pay attention to the chances of success, more development a micro-blog account, if the account is not high degree of concern, perhaps the next account have been a lot of people are concerned, no egg put a basket, micro-blog is not directly anchor link only, some web site, but not too much, but also can reduce the scattered account account is frozen due to a chain loss problem, with the cultivation of blog account group is the same reason

2, the chain can not be lost, PR0 did not increase the chain and do not represent the weight of

1, training a group of micro-blog group

3, to publish advertisements can act tough and talk soft, soft as soft


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