How to make love Shanghai to speed up the content included in the new page

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many has stressed the need to make the high quality the chain, the site’s ranking to help, then what is outside the chain of high quality, new Adsense will mistakenly think is high PR>

website must update the content of quantitative timing, a certain period should pay attention to the cultivation of good search engine crawlers visit every time, only good planning website update time, then in the crawler crawling several times later, found that almost all a time Duan Youxin appear, then the crawler will be at this time of day frequent visits, website update time fixed, the same search engine crawlers will form a fixed time of visit.

fifth: update the chain number


chain not only need to update time stable, but also to control the number, remember not a sudden increase too much, but once again the case appeared scanty, long-term, the search engine will give the site right down, ranking drop, so the chain update every day the best fixed, slowly increase in fixed quantity so, rising steadily.

The chain of

love Shanghai for new sites are generally taken to only update the website snapshot and not included the content of the page, not a lot of experience in the face of this situation will be anxious, to take some ways to solve the problem of harmful sites, such as the use of mass chain software, content acquisition software, but is still not after use any effect, that is how to deal with this situation.

has been updated after a fixed time, also must pay attention to the number of website content updates, can not because the crawler daily visit, and the next release of a large number of websites that allow reptiles to grasp, because the search engine has a mechanism, in the capacity of a sudden spike will make the search engine mistaken collection site, so as to reduce the site the weight update, efforts to drive down the site snapshot, so the quantitative and slow increase of the update is very important.

third: update

pursuit of quantity, will affect the quality of most personal website as long as the pursuit of the number included, must the very poor quality, and post more quality worse, but the amount collected will be even worse, and the workload is large, so it is recommended that the careful preparation of several high quality articles, not only can increase the weight of the website, and the website of the amount collected is rising steadily.

to update the site, if every day, not three days of fishing, four days of that kind of, because every day the chain site in the increase, the search engine will give weight, but will make the site keywords ranking slowly rising, rather than give good ranking a few days later he dropped out of hundreds of.

second: update number

fourth: the chain update time

The first time Shanghai dragon master

sixth: update the chain quality

: content updateThe new

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