For the four best Links resource efficient shortcut method

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4, in fact, your competitors on site Links is the best resource, but one thing is, how do we find each other contact, my own research, finally found a way to share with you now, that is to use the domain:+ domain name + Links way, generally as long as the station in the optimization, more or less will do Links exchange in some Webmaster Platform posts, and leave contact information, this time, we can add each other, and then do a chain exchange.

3, QQ group inside, Links, use chain platform, Links platform…… Key words about this, and then join in this group are very active, many webmaster exchange chain inside, but this group, I went to the exchange, found that most are uneven in quality exchange launched station, or related industries, every time to see the flashing of the results. No, I wasted a lot of time. But the new words, go here to exchange without losing a good choice.

how to exchange Links, it still has very deep knowledge, in addition to looking for resources, the next is to talk about, I share here every time I talk.

2, but after all, in the above person is limited, I discovered, many people come to me a link, the weights are relatively low, is not very high, the chain platform number is relatively fixed, there are few updates, basically are those people, I went for a few days, and then for each other, because not all the record, so I do not know who contacted yesterday, just feel the others stand better, then a link, but he said, yesterday you find me, we do not change, the invisible will waste a lot of time, so at this time, we will have to change a mode of thinking, and other ways to find resources.

In fact, there are a lot of resources,

1, slightly as long as you take a little time to good, I usually to a lot of Webmaster Platform to register for an account, then your website go up, this brings a link not only to you, and you can exchange the chain where, after leave your contact information, but also keep people come for friends of the chain.

about this aspect has too many articles, in fact, if it is not too much to say, but the love of Shanghai data are updated every day, every day in the algorithm, we can only go up to the fastest speed, so in this place every day to see everybody stationmaster net article, or is to write their own articles and share are necessary, especially today to share the webmaster should how to talk about the friends of the chain, how to find resources.

another way is to find their own, the Webmaster Platform, with Links platform column, every day there are a lot of people inside the post, if you see fit, see it contact, direct contact with the other owners began to exchange.

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