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second, /B2B2 classification information website, also used to be concentrated in the chain, the type and classification of information website /B2B2 related information, updated quickly, the industry.

webmaster hair chain is usually love blog, classification of information, /B2B2 website forum, several video sites released by the lamp main position, so we take a look at some of the position change.

3, the chain channel has been changed to

2, the number of the chain can change the quality of

to change to change the website optimization we can correspond to the following aspects:

to change the variable can be said that China is now the site optimization Jinke law. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google every day they change, change, change, ranking algorithm included in the same, today’s Shanghai dragon technique may not be suitable for the next love Shanghai updated rules, today’s Shanghai dragon skills is the white hat maybe tomorrow you love Shanghai definition of black hat technique, has been relentless love Shanghai the punishment. In the website optimization and for growth has also been confirmed in numerous websites in practice.

I want to still have many webmaster every day to your site every day 50-100 the chain today, hard ah. Whether it is really effective, perhaps only they knew his own comfort. Love is still in Shanghai since the June storm, many sites are outside the chain of K is also a lot of, the reason is very simple, love Shanghai algorithm, the chain number can only give the chain overall greatly reduced the quality of your website, we all know that a site outside the chain of high quality of the site is very important but, you 100 a day outside the chain I can say there are 5 things of high quality, there are 95 garbage, at your level of white chain, but also harm its own reputation.

website optimization of the original has been a major search engine favorite, also has been the major search engines to the authority of the high-profile official confirmed, but the search engine is really the most original station that the eyes of the original? No, they are trying to stop the past, write the unique website written since the original personality love Shanghai June storm repeatedly K station trend already reduced to fragments. Now the content or the website must build the core content of the unique, this is the so-called original website.

first, the blog is generally divided into individual blogs and external blogs, like Sina blog. Since the June Shanghai storm is still love the webmaster independent blog I want to have nearly no past scenery, K is basically a Sina blog is dim and dark, and in Shanghai love standard after import. The reason is very simple, in Shanghai has been observed Love Blog group, if the group exceeded the warning line, immediately closed, etc. in smooth water began to slowly assimilate after. Fish expert to say that the blog to do, but don’t overdo it, give yourself some flames to others.

1, the original is the original

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