The effectiveness of the chain view

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in the chain when everyone knows what time is the best anchor text and hyperlinks, the last is the text. Although my hair of the chain is not much. Most of them are pure text. But some is in the form of hyperlinks. I found a hyperlink also has several different forms. When we put the mouse on the link, do not click on, look at the bottom of the browser display, usually three display forms, one is the direct link URL, the hyperlink can transfer page weight, spider can also climb down, the second is Javascript (), this form is more common in classification and information the B2B website, it is the legendary call, there is a typical page Jump, like Shanghai is Shanghai dragon pony blog comments to stay outside the chain, there is also some forum, this is the chain jump range. In fact, I on both the hyperlink heart always have some doubts. Although the two link is a hyperlink, but these two links are spiders index difficult category. As I understand, the real effects on the website optimization is the normal display link instead of JS calls and jump.

has always been a question that is about nofollow tags. Once in the Shanghai dragon forum presents a nofollow problem, this is also just stop > tag is transfer the weights of the web page

before learning we should also have to understand, said the search engine is not a cold call this JS and dynamic URL, although the search engine can grab dynamic URL, but like some forum or blog belongs to jump hyperlinks, which according to the dynamic number are long, this link my personal feeling is only convenient for the user to click on it, what will bring. Today I made this problem in a push forum, want to consult, but really answer my people are really talk about, in the forum to ask something was also the infinite Navy submerged have a headache. Fortunately there is a moderator provides answers to these questions, that is not what this kind of chain effect on the ranking, but also does not transfer the weight, should be more correct. But I think, since many people love Shanghai optimization text URL, many forum members are hung pure text, this is also a lot of chain personnel commonly used outside the chain way since love can identify this kind of Shanghai plain text, so our links and not the anchor text, love Shanghai read the website, since pure text has certain effects on love Shanghai optimization, although not much. It is not super chain links is not a pure text with the same URL exists. What if it is equivalent to the pure text, a related domain, then find a chain of high quality good than to some BBS hang pure text outside the chain much better now, forum posts included basically continued in a certain light, included a part to remove a part, but the probability is included in a high quality personal blog page will be greater and delete chance on many small.

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