According to the statistical analysis of estimation and prediction of the web site keywords and valu

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. In the noble and love baby in Shanghai Chinese Internet market of the us through them to run amuck, forecast, basically can predict the stability of the site search flow.

estimation, prediction of the site keywords flow and value; in fact, Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most important point is not considered directly on the key words. First, when we received a keyword, the first is to carry on the forecast, this thing no wrong.

search engine noble baby, we can know the monthly forecast of the website keyword search times, has been hit, more can keyword traffic prediction search engine to the site, if the baby aristocratic prediction to row name prediction so long to share how much traffic from search engines, or 30%. Or is 50%

In fact, the

According to the statistical analysis of

flow prediction.

In fact, through the search engine to forecast

two, the web site of the keywords ranking prediction,

from the web site keywords can bring traffic, rain is what kind of keywords can be obtained from search engine ranking. Have to go through the forecast. In fact, after a series of keywords list item forecast, the estimated proportion is not able to complete one hundred percent, for example, we have one hundred words on the hand, predict the ranking, need ranking effect, flow calculation. But the forecast is not so obvious.

First of all we say

prediction of Web site traffic, we must proceed from the three aspects of

, the website keyword search number forecast,

only love Shanghai predicted more trouble, love the Shanghai index and >

Firstly, through the analysis of

prediction tool budget website nobility baby is very good, I feel very good, but the basic use of love Shanghai, then through the forecast flow it. Love Shanghai can participate in the search index prediction.

three, the rank of the website page click rate forecast.

search engine according to the noble baby flow estimation, and can reach the general keyword keyword ranking and achieve the desired effect brought by traffic, about 40% before forecasting. Only a few small. Perhaps when yo keyword prediction error can make back a lot of traffic loss.

these are different, however, if after we predict some key words, we can do some long tail keywords, this calculation can accumulate the search engine can bring us flow.


from the aspects of the predicted site of power, the value of the site can be a big budget.

estimated what? The estimated time, ranking, and flow effect.

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