Common medical problems in Shanghai Dragon

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medical industry in Shanghai dragon in order to improve the keyword density, that can improve the maximum possible keyword ranking, will continue to the title tag keyword stuffing, especially in the home tab. Not only that, there are also many medical websites for the three major label does not pay attention to the home page ZhengZhan title tag, causing page similarity is too high, at the same time will cause the title tag is too long, great circumstances affect the user experience. Whether in the website keywords ranking and user experience are underperforming, need to do so in Shanghai Longfeng medical website strategy, rational planning of the three major labels is the first step to Shanghai dragon, must be refined and excellence.

The most serious problem is the highly repetitive content in

more and more industries began to contact in Shanghai Longfeng area, in the medical industry in Shanghai is a disaster caused by flooding water dragon. Shanghai dragon how to reasonable use to improve the effective flow of the hospital website is critical, as many medical marketing topics. At present, many problems exist in the medical site application in Shanghai Longfeng, we should seek as soon as possible to solve these problems, to help the site traffic has been a qualitative leap. What are the common medical problems of Shanghai dragon? For this problem, people talk about their years of experience and views, hope industry colleagues to explore each other, jointly improve and gradually improve the self ability.

1, the title tag repeat

medical websites, medical websites in order to meet the search engine spiders crawl on the security of the major search engines included effect, the use of a large number of filling content, the content is not only exist in the Internet, while its own website information is too redundant, resulting in repeated contents the degree is high, no unique advantage content you want to get traffic to the site unprecedented leap, more difficult than ever. The medical website application process, to avoid excessive redundant repetition and prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of excessive optimization.

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3, the content of highly repetitive

structure is not clear



good website structure can help users quickly find the required information, however, in the medical website most put in common, namely the website structure is not clear, there is no specific division of disease structure, which often leads to difficult for users to quickly find the required information. For information retrieval, is most concerned about the cause of disease, symptoms, treatment, nursing and other aspects of the user, so the disease site navigation structure design, should be a good grasp of dimensions: fast. If the user cares about "disease" symptoms, can from the home page navigation bar directly enter the condition related list page for users to choose the reading, this can quickly solve user needs.

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