Shanghai dragon three problems the website architecture content Chain high quality difference

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here is the fat Shanghai dragon blog about the beauty of Shanghai dragon is unique, but also from the three problems of some views about the site has a lot of unique, different from the traditional Shanghai dragon, if you are interested, you can control some views following their own study.



to do a good job in the website structure, it is also necessary to search with the user requirements, the real needs of users in the first place, the user wants to give them what content. Here directly on the dry cargo, here is a relatively good enterprise website architecture case, column navigation its home page is very simple, without the introduction of our common company, such as company news, which directly into the LED lamp price list, product category and common industry problems, these are more useful to users column. This site is a reference architecture of the needs of users to search, also a reference to the Shanghai love search, you can search.

beauty case analysis

Netconcepts of the Shanghai dragon ranking conference held in Beijing yesterday, several friends attended the meeting, attend the meeting of the friends are holding the attitude of learning, after the end of course will record and share, this time the Beijing Shanghai dragon is the fat one, come back after Bowen, his sharing is a case analysis about the beautiful ZAC, the case about the present situation of Shanghai Longfeng industry, a view is my very identity, the current Shanghai dragon encounter three problems: how to make the website structure, how to build a website content website where unique, high quality to the chain.

because they also undertake some website construction business, so still do a lot of website, also met many different website structure, of course, most of the sites are a structure, such as take small business station as an example, when the general establishment of the total page template will not be more than 10, generally are: the home – column page (OR column page) – content page (OR page) of the structure, from the perspective of structure of enterprise 80%-90% station is this structure, then most of the enterprise is also with the trend for websites, stand out naturally difficult.

three problems about Shanghai Longfeng, in fact, for many of you probably have not seriously to think, first of all for architecture are many times we can not control, but for web content is indeed unique only (non professional editing) a lot on the Dragon Phoenix couldn’t deal with, and for the love of Shanghai large scale chain adjustment algorithm, Shanghai dragon is bitter to his stomach. So how to break the three problems? Or how to find a point respectively three major problems in the breakthrough? Some simple opinions here to talk about their own.

1, website architecture is with the trend or user with

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