Shanghai kuangsong 450 local mobile phone portal into the burn Era

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Chinese Internet market after 10 years of development, the product pattern has undergone many innovation. From the birth to the bubble period, then the Soviet period since the development of economy, the field of Internet innovation, a smash hit, also die halfway.

Alibaba by means of electronic commerce, the introduction of local community walk Taobao e-commerce concept, attracted local stationmaster of a lot of popularity, the emergence of Xiamen fish, long lane from the Discuz switch to phpwind camp. The Tencent to QQ Internet community concept counter. The forum attracted Yantai enabled QQ landing drainage function, and the recent Shanghai Shanghai community forum first let QQ Internet enabled, in Shanghai for the local community to occupy the important step out.

local community over the years by virtue of its interactivity, sharing, user experience strong viscosity, high fidelity and clear and lasting profit model, also for many years as a carrier, whether blog or micro-blog, are the building blocks for derivatives. In recent years, local portal is subject to wind the Blitz, especially the local community portal like Shanghai such a big city, with its broad market space, is to let the wind.

8-10 months of this year, Shanghai launched about 1000000 investment following the Shanghai subway ads, and in October to one million yuan from the United States to repurchase the www.shanghaitan贵族宝贝 domain name (its original name for www.6665贵族宝贝), after a lapse in January, Shanghai once again the millions of advertising on the subway at the same time, Shanghai to Dixon will launch a total value of more than one million large grab building activities in mid December there will be 450 mobile phone (mobile phone giant product contains almost all of the latest products, including mobile phone IPONE4s, Samsung tablet computer, NOKIA N9 and so on), more than 100 thousand of the value of mobile phone accessories, more than 300 thousand dollars worth of Yunnan tourism places, and high-grade, high-end Yunnan Pu’er Tea drink consisting of millions of gift free to send large rob building activities detonated in Shanghai market. Any user can log in Shanghai community participation grab floor, have the opportunity to get free awards. Such a large heavy Tuirang can not help to the local community how much potential? Shanghai formal operation has been just.

however, it is not difficult to find, the local community of the original BBS model has lasted for many years but still enduring. In recent years, Tencent and Alibaba is a local community area launched a fierce battle. In April 2010 08 years of reforming Alibaba acquired the company in Hangzhou Tian altar (phpwind), in August of the same year that came after the acquisition of Tencent (DISCUZ) giant Comsenz forum. Ma Yun attended the phpwind held the webmaster General Assembly speech at the same time, Ma Huateng also attended the discuz held 2010 webmaster General Assembly speech, grassroots station become a two horse battlefield, local portal has become the smoke.

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