Summarize the site keywords ranking drop causes and Solutions

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3, Links in


this is a common cause of keywords ranking drop, the optimization is over expressed in what way? A keyword density is too large, the chain rose, one-time remove or replace a large number of Links and so on.

this reason, small crane is deep, because of the small crane before there is a website, because there are two Links website is k, he is also due to busy, no time to check often Links, resulting in ranking is the brush down. Then remove the two Links, and since the new for two Links, keywords ranking soon recovered.

2, competitive

solution: for this reason, the solution is very simple, is that you only pay more than competitors the same effort or greater efforts to optimize the key words, such keywords ranking will rise. To take this job as the work is to improve the keywords ranking, rather than maintaining keyword ranking work.

we have heard a saying "go", is also the case for keywords ranking, especially keywords is very fierce competition, others are in the optimization of key words very hard, but you still can only do simple maintenance work, this often leads to keywords ranking drop.

see this title, we will see before someone summed up the reason, but kotsuru not feel completely, and no solution, so today kotsuru spend a little time to add some reasons not on the basis of others, and the corresponding solutions to share out.


solution: for this reason, you must first cause analysis, and to change the search engine algorithm, large Shanghai dragon forum or QQ group to understand the information of course, you have learned only as a reference, and then according to their own circumstances analysis, and try to solve the test, in the process of practice to record the selection and analysis of continuous, is conducive to the ranking method.

site is k or drop the right reason search engine has its own reasonsThe causes excessive optimization

solution: for this reason, we need some time every day to check Links and keywords ranking, and then be K or drop the right Links removed, and notify the other. Why should notice, since it is Links, is friendship, or to tell each other, sometimes the other side still do not know what station was drop right, you tell him, is a good thing, and immediately exchange good Links up.



search engine algorithm often has changed slightly, so more or less will affect the site ranking, sometimes a few days back, some have not recovered.

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