Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme nterpretation of Shanghai dragon new ideas

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site location


3, a directory name and layout

whether new or old station, we all need to locate the site, we want to know, why is our website, which mainly provides services for users, our website belongs to what type of site, our site development is how, we all want to induce, and then to their website a combination of summary and positioning. As long as the site is what a good location, we have the power to step to plan according to the site location, even if the site location are not, how can we go to the next step of

for the new station, what is zero, start from a newborn baby, what, what, what the weight of the chain within the chain, what keywords ranking, what site for a new station, are so strange. For a new station, we must plan your site keywords from the first, we need to do the word, as a new station, we must know that our website is that the core keywords, target keywords our website is that, how do we locate our core keywords or layout again, what is the target keywords, which is the site of our long tail keywords, how can we find their own websites or screening core keywords and target keywords and long tail keywords, how can we know whether the competition, with low conversion rate, with user retrieval? And whether these problems should be considered in our choice of keywords idea keywords range? We choose whether considering competitors choose keywords? We through some Auxiliary tool or manual work, we are through the three screening, if indeed we choose words are targeted? These we have to lay a question? We have to do excel good

screening and good planning arrangements, the 2 key words table statistics?


is the most headache to do the new site navigation, we know that the site navigation is the most core position of the entire site, if the location and layout of the site navigation is not good, will directly affect the site of UV (visit guest), PV (page views), bounce rate, user experience (UE) and IP number however, these.

just came into contact with Shanghai dragon industry for Shanghai dragon understanding is not strong, through three months of hard work, I raise a lot of Shanghai dragon, but there are still many shortcomings, I still need to learn more. The beginning is the boss has said, whether new or old station, Shanghai Longfeng scheme we have a website or Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme. I was very puzzled, why the boss to say ah, why write Shanghai Longfeng scheme? Until their own hands to write the company’s Web site, and then discovered that the original scheme is that Shanghai dragon. Let Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we slowly come.



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