Shanghai Longfeng Encyclopedia how to layout the website long tail keywords

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4. long tail word title and description set

mining well placed in the electronic form, remove duplicate and long tail word obvious brush and not related to the long tail word. A class of words such as mining steel tube steel tube dance related long tail word, then dance the long tail of Related words must be removed.

distinguish short words and long words in the selected keywords, if it is short term and index and the degree of competition is relatively large as the column page keywords, and the long term and the index of small degree of competition small keywords as the inside pages of the long tail word ranking. For example, Hefei Shanghai dragon Li Yong blog is a long term, but the index and the degree of competition is relatively large, so as the layout of the long tail word column page, and Hefei Li Yong blog website optimization index and the degree of competition is relatively small, so as the inside pages long tail word layout.

(1) classification of the degree of competition. The same two mean the same, the long tail word text keyword is almost the choice of the degree of competition and the common long tail word. For example, * * * * good * * *, please? Second. For example, Li Yong Shanghai and Li Yong Shanghai dragon dragon blog, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng blog index is 1818, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng index is 2828, so the choice of Li Yong Shanghai dragon.

1. mining long tail keywords

2. long tail keywords classification

3. column page and the inside page layout

was screened for long tail keywords on the site, similar to the meaning of selection of the degree of competition, including selection and non included included. The rest of the ecosystem as the layout of the long tail word chain.

study points to

(2) contains the word classification. The relationship between the choice of words can contain a word long tail word, if included word index is relatively large, on the choice of word is included.

mining is the use of long tail keywords relevant search, love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, and know the drop-down box search tool to find the long tail keywords ask these users often search. Can also use other tools, such as the Shanghai love promotion assistant, long tail word mining will be more accurate; the webmaster tools, webmaster tools etc..

Most of the


station in the layout of the long tail keywords title with two or three long tail word or method of keyword stuffing set the title, this not only affects the user reading and the influence of the long tail word ranking.

(1) title by screening out the long tail keywords


long tail keywords layout is very important, because it involves the website optimization effect later. The first point is the layout of the long tail word mining and screening of long tail words, then according to the long tail word competition and correlation in Web site layout column page and the inside pages. The long tail word inside pages around the word short column page competition degree to the point of layout, not the long tail words of different columns cross and overlap.

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