Use the love of Shanghai create efficient bidding

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because users of Shanghai fiery love attention, love Shanghai for promotion in recent years has become the most fiery form of network marketing, more and more enterprises website devoted to love Shanghai auction, more and more, whether can know how to optimize love Shanghai for promotion? Which I share with you how to love Shanghai statistics in order to create efficient bidding.

biddingkeywords optimization




Shanghai bidding for love, we must know how to grasp the bidding period. We all know the keyword bidding decision keywords ranking. But because some key words too fierce competition, that want to have the opportunity to show to a high price, so even if one can get the most hits, the budget will rapidly consume, how are we to how to create higher efficiency of

love Shanghai love Shanghai launch site traffic statistics is the analysis tool, for the love of Shanghai for promotion, this is a very important tool, because of this optimization tool, love Shanghai for promotion is more direction.

auction period optimization

so we can love time through the analysis of Shanghai statistical tools, from above (the 30 day period, we can find the access statistics) website users through the search for love Shanghai website access time mainly concentrated in the 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00 for the two time, at the same time also shows that the peak period of this kind of user groups this visit, we open the peak error in peak period and control means of bidding, bid as long as you keep the show can, in the non peak hours, many competitors in the budget consumption much, competition is no longer competitive, we need to offer search ranking in the hand, with the least the cost of obtaining the maximum value in return.

for the love of Shanghai bidding and bidding, especially in the beginning, we must spend time on average and keywords are monitored, as shown below:

due to the popularity of the Internet, love Shanghai hot, so we both in daily life or work, in the face of problems always think of such a sentence: "love Shanghai, You’ll see".

we can love Shanghai daily statistics on the consumption view in the analysis of key words. In the bidding, there must be a lot of unreasonable need to be optimized, such as a product or consumer keywords on average price is too high, the product is not how much profits, and so on this kind of product keywords we should control the consumption and on average price. Another example of some key words too fierce competition, can be targeted is not strong, if you are selling Samsung mobile phone, you have to bid the word "mobile phone", but if they want a Sony Ericsson mobile phone? "

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