The interpretation of a large female makeup portal offbeat long tail strategy

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How about

Evaluation of

of course, this combination should be based on the user’s search behavior, data base and existing search tools that can be used on the combination, so you can maximize that someone will search through this way. Of course, you can’t understand the search behavior of all the people, as long as the word is expected to have 1~5 personal search, is worth doing, it is also the key content of the long tail.

frequently concern themselves with statistical data of the webmaster should find that Internet users search words sometimes simply beyond your imagination, you don’t think users will search this word to your own web site, for example, once found in my own statistical data, some people search "what kind of XX product is good". A look at this is typical of the northern dialect with user search habits, you also notice that? So don’t say no content can be done.

when doing content strategy, should first locate all possible combinations of keywords, such as:


These methods do

content strategy in this site by the women’s shaping plus behind the operations team long-term website weight, most of the long tail content website ranked at home is inevitable. Of course, share key is not here, more important is the site in the long tail content on the page using the pop-up site navigation page user binding strategy.

The price of

some people think that pop must be cheating or some damage the user experience, in fact, if used properly, reasonable use, can play a good role in promotion website. The station is only in the long tail on the content page do pop treatment, and is according to the 24 hour IP play back, to maximize the control of the user’s psychology. >


according to the above concept, can continuously carry out this combination: brand + price, brand evaluation, brand + price + + + brand evaluation, brand price, how about… The ensemble is actually very much, and some products have a variety of brands, the price also has many kinds, but also can keep the user’s search behavior added in combination, such as good, good use? And so on, this calculation down, in fact, the long tail content of the base is very large.

in website optimization, accidentally saw a large female cosmetics site, found that many of his long tail content are basically on the home page of the search engine, but the rankings are in front, which found a more interesting place, here to share with you. Sometimes this is a website content, many owners do not always feel you can do, but it is not, from the female makeup site, can do really have a lot of content.

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