Love Shanghai update in time to improve the user experience at the top of the page second love Shang

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here I proposed 2 methods for the adjustment and optimization of

We first look at the picture:


love Shanghai after several rounds of large-scale K station adjustment love Shanghai today again big update,

2. according to the relevant search ranking mechanism love Shanghai, in a reasonable range to search your own tail, for example, the word "Wuhan yaoje technology", now there is Wuhan Jie Chi technology, only need to put the Wuhan yaoje technology related long tail search every day more than 5 times, naturally there will be new the long tail.

Original: Wuhan Yao Jie Technology www. Shanghai dragon yaojie贵族宝贝

ring up part is the search for love Shanghai search second leaves appear, before the relevant search at the bottom, the updated Shanghai love the top search terms second leaves have increased 3 related searches, which virtually increase the mutual search by clicking on the machine and the number is to improve the user experience, I personally think that this update is very good, as we can according to the relevant staff of Shanghai Longfeng increase efforts to promote the second key words, to love the Shanghai adjustment.

1. according to the relevant search at the top of the leaf were observed in all second are from the lower part of the top 3 selected up, so in the optimization of the time mainly to the lower part of front 3 key words each other to focus on line optimization.


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