Shanghai Longfeng share enterprise station updates must learn to divergent thinking

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divergent thinking refers to according to the product itself to make extension, from different angle to summarize, such as product history angle, production process, technical point of view, it can not only add a lot of long tail keywords, but also make our content more readable. Below one summary.

From the view of the raw materials of

Feedback from the user point of

makerFrom the angle of

products is a standard feature of the site. But there are still people to mention it. Product use here to try to write detailed, each product has specially set up a separate page of the paper. Because some enterprise website products are similar in use, but as Shanghai Longfeng update, you can add different elements in the same content, such as product size, size, type, scope and so on, so a lot of long tail keywords.

enterprise website Shanghai dragon is a very important factor is to update, persistent daily updates will make search engines more, the weight of the website also play a promotion role, this is as everyone knows the truth. But during the update, a very troublesome problem, just don’t know how to produce new original content, you will find a lot of content has been written, in the face of this problem, according to my own experience for everyone to do that is to summarize, divergent thinking.

From the perspective of product history > From the angle of

from the literal meaning is not difficult for us to understand, some products there is a certain historical accumulation, we can introduce the related history, allowing users to have a more profound understanding of the product, so we all know how to write the article without history, only need to check some information, coupled with their own understanding and processing of the products formed a good article. Of course, if you know the relevant history, with clear sequence of events, also can make project or list page, each need not too long, articles of.

. Because of the production of a product often requires a variety of raw materials, but each kind of materials can be detailed in-depth analysis, the website content adds a lot of useful content. In addition, a company’s product is not that one, each product has different raw materials, between different products may also use the same raw materials, these can be used as a supplement in knowledge.

From the perspective of product use

From a perspective of raw materials is also very feasible

The use of

makers also have a lot of things to write, such as some technology products, can write in the production in the development of thoughts and ideas, write it from scratch, a product usability is often initially set by the designer. For some virtual products, such as construction sites, can be written when the development of the ideas and feelings, so that the product itself more content, customers can also add easy to accept, because these things are often the real side.

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