Six techniques to help you easily do the new optimization

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The chain construction site of Keywords: Making ?

third point positioning


yes, that’s original search engines love, the one and only thing always people love, do not go to mass some chain and do a lot of the replication, which is often harmful to the optimization of the site, so we still want to put in the original mind is above king. The contents do not only to catch the attention of the user and can increase the site included, Why not?

fourth: pay close attention to the original site

keyword appears, which for the influence of the website I will not say, the first words where bold, keywords in the theory of the word around. This knowledge online, we find their own learning.

font technology in Web site is very important and also very common, but not abuse, because of the abuse of bold and anchor text words will cause the search engine antipathy, it will think you are deliberately to do site keywords accumulation of false optimization, a title of the article is only one, if too much will. To clear your topic.

second: title, label etc. some code to handle the

just entered this industry for the novice webmaster, facing a new optimization is no start, today Xiaobian to introduce the following six technologies to help you get new optimization.

fifth: Web site keywords layout

The frequency and density of the The first point: The

sixth points: to do their own good links

architecture website structure and processing chain in

always observe the development trend of the site, Xiao Bian here as a metaphor. For example, your site is "Beijing computer sales", but with the development of electronic industry, electronic products, computer is constantly being replaced by flat like, you still tangled in the words on it, then your traffic will be less. So pay attention to the development of their keywords and accurate positioning of the site keywords is very important.

has been a very cost us time to work, some people love to do the forum outside the chain, some people can do the B2B chain, some people are good at doing Kung Fu high pen soft outside the chain and so on. Xiao Bian here to give you advice is to do what you do best, which is the most effective time and the construction of the chain road.

points for the optimization of the railway station is mainly reflected in the website included, here Xiaobian to remind you, if you don’t know what is the novice webmaster website structure, then you can be assured, because many of the old owners will fall into the search engine spider trap. The architecture structure of your site do not need to think too much, in the major search engines are mainly embodied in the chain structure of the site appears in the website, we do the chain as long as reasonable dispose of death will not have too big problem to come to you.


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