The chain member from one can not afford to see how to make a transition to the soft

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with love of Shanghai foreign chain hit more and more serious, A5 to cancel the signature, blog post or reprint included is not very good, Shanghai dragon in the end of April 25th, decide on what path to follow? Love Shanghai Lee about the foreign chain of view, in his article seems to deny the existence form of the chain. It had to make some small website hit a cold war. We have stayed there watching, to see who is the final winner.

Xiao Bian just intercepted a number of title of the article, in fact there are many, are interested can go to look at mining. The same article, in the hands of different authors can have a different style, so I really admire.

? !

problems become small my confusion, but I just want to say: "I want to do a good transformation of editors."

, want to look at the same time, I ask myself to see what others are thinking, writing, what is the written expression; what questions, can attract people; his soft sources come from? These are very important. From here I want to focus on is a data. From my reading experience, most of the article is based on the current Shanghai Longfeng environment creation out of love such as Shanghai’s official website information update. When the official update, to update the policy of all kinds of soft start, such as some time ago love Shanghai "Lee" on the judgment of the chain, of every hue soft baked. The following figure:

The chain from a member of the

can not afford to see how to make a transition soft? This is now very small problem to solve. Writing can easily get bad Webmaster Platform audit audit by the editor? After the rejection, almost all the reason is not readable, so how to make the article become rich and colorful


, do not write Never mind, the beginning is a cumulative process, no one can be achieved, no one will be born when. So a plan early, I began to ask myself every day to see at least some A5 or Chinaz on the soft, large, or write good and bad to look at, not only at home recommended articles, which have been approved but not in the first page of the article to see.


then, I make a plan


editor also carefully read this article about Lee, although the chain hit a lot of cheating, but he did not mention, is soft, it seems to love Shanghai soft acceptance is very high. Soft Wen is a very efficient chain. A soft value is far more than four, five hundred of the garbage outside the chain, believe that the soft of the chain is the best choice.

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