Teach you how to improve the low conversion rate of the old webmaster website

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, we are from the website popup rate to carry on the analysis, we all know that the site is usually the bounce rate is mainly aimed at our site, the site visit to judgment, usually a website bounce rate directly reflects the user of the site inspection is good, but for the case the content of a web site, but also directly affect the site’s conversion rate, we can see from the picture of the small website bounce rate low of 81.82%, the highest is 100%, from the data we more certainly a lot of tourists do not find what you want, on my website to leave, for this, Xiaobian feel very failure, website bounce rate is too high.

second: many of the sites have been doing "title party" activities, use the title to attract users, but this article has no substantive content, let the user enter the article page, feel a kind of feeling of deception, for such cases tourists are usually close the page in click to enter other website to find the content they want, so for this case, the small advice >

first we need to understand that a website conversion rate is low in what situation, the small situation is mainly divided into the residence time of tourists and our website bounce rate, we can www.6hoo贵族宝贝 a website screenshot data from small series can be seen in the small website, the longest stay in 120.38S the shortest 21.42S, see friends this data many may feel good, very good, but not for a beautiful picture station, the residence time of this still belongs to a few, because according to the story, the average residence market at about 140S in our industry similar website, so small website far from the demand.

believes that many webmaster with small hands, the site more or less have some traffic, but relative to other sites in the same industry, the conversion rate is much lower. We all know that a low conversion rate of the website directly means the website and their equivalent circle of rival site income comparison would be a lot less, this is of course every webmaster do not want to see, so today Xiaobian to explain how to improve the network and station conversion.

through these two small analysis draws some experience, hope to help you master.



the first point: tourists in the site stay time is short, and the bounce rate is very high, a large part of the reason is because there is no specific page to get visitors click, but the single page has informed the users want to find content, usually small series of such circumstances suggest a related recommendation column. To get more visitors click, let visitors have questions trying to understand the related content of interest.


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