Some marketing strategies of Shanghai dragon micro blog optimization

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@ 2 Gold: "double eleven" phenomenon has now become Tang, what people have to rely on. Micro-blog marketing said that two eleven 40%~50% traffic from micro-blog; do Shanghai Dragon said more than 30% of the traffic from Shanghai Longfeng; Amoy outside do advertisement union said there are more than 30% of the flow from them; this combined super fuck, 100%, such a calculation, if we own (Taobao) do not have to go on.

real micro-blog marketing that is on the need to promote activities, detailed marketing planning and promotion, and the market widespread understanding of micro-blog marketing, by micro-blog Shanghai dragon to get traffic, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon lion dynamic network view, this is led by the strong narrow.

First, the layout of the

to locate accurate keywords from before refining the selected eight keywords to label, in order to expand the micro-blog search engine grab the breadth to allow a wider audience to our search, the two key words left for real-time hot topic keywords, this is also one of micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng optimization method.

1, micro-blog full screen brush hard; 2, zombie fans (Shui Jun) all over the world @ micro-blog, 3 user comment harassment; micro-blog Shanghai dragon, precise private messages, active search skills such as attention, Sina full screen disaster caused by flooding water; 4 hanging advertising; 5, the government shut down micro-blog; micro-blog 6, new product substitution. Where too much emphasis on marketing speculation skills, not to trust as the core, humanity will hasten death.

1, 2, nickname; 3, certification; introduction; 4, 5 and 6 labels; content; content labels; 7, micro-blog. These places can be included in the key.

1, micro-blog user name related degree; 2, attention to the user on the top; 3, micro-blog, micro-blog and the number of fans on the number 4, and micro-blog; label; 5, micro-blog 6, micro-blog certification; content quality, forwarding comments number

using micro-blog keyword search tags, enhance the depth and breadth of.

is a Taobao insiders in Sina micro-blog says:

Some suspect

which can be reflected in behind Taobao and Tmall "11.11 shopping Carnival" great success, wake up and inspire more people to pay attention to the electronic commerce, network marketing, and the way attention to traffic acquisition, Shanghai dragon will usher in a new round of prosperity, especially the hot micro-blog marketing, it is new platform development prompted micro-blog to the Shanghai dragon. According to the experience of moving lion network following micro-blog and the details of the marketing strategy, I hope you can help.

third, micro-blog marketing’s death

micro-blog, a micro-blog Shanghai dragon "

second, keywords ranking




After micro-blog

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