Hao Cong shared everything he knew about the search engine marketing

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Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: teacher Hao said is right, can take a specific case analysis about it

Hao Cong: on the network marketing strategy, this topic is more conceptual. Network marketing strategies including but not limited to: search engine marketing, email marketing, instant messaging and marketing, BBS marketing, viral marketing, blog marketing, RSS marketing, creative podcast marketing, advertising marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, experience marketing, marketing, knowledge marketing, fun event marketing and so on, some strategies are from the media perspective the definition, application and some strategies from the perspective of the definition of, I’ve written an article about the article summed up the network marketing strategy, we can look to my BLOG, hope to help.

Hao Cong: a variety of marketing methods have their own characteristics, which, how to use, depending on your marketing budget, human resources and customer requests, I favor the search marketing, event marketing, email marketing, in addition, is SNS, such as micro-blog interactive platform, because this kind of interaction the spread of products is very strong, the objective situation.

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: network marketing a variety of ways, among the many ways of marketing, which one do you prefer?

Hao Cong: the host overpraise, I think anyone in the field of network marketing has the opportunity to performance, I always think: as long as the creative, marketing is everywhere, provides a natural platform for the Internet and play the huge media for all network marketing, has spread fast, the direction of public opinion to guide the characteristics. As we can fully explore the demands and contradictions, triggering resonance amplification.

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: today’s webmaster encyclopedia is search engine marketing explorer and practitioner of Hao Cong field (black dream), 6 years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng industry, 2 years experience in SEM services, has a number of commercial websites to provide overall solutions and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon advisory services. In the next hour Hao Cong and you share everything he knew about the search engine marketing. Now let’s welcome teacher Hao! Now the interview started, we know that the teacher Hao in the network marketing this one very much now, and we ask you to talk about network marketing strategy stuff

Hao Cong: These are the theory of things, in the actual development of network marketing, according to the real marketing demand, user group characteristics, the influence of the brand level of products, the advantages and disadvantages of absolute strategy is to what can be used, and which should not use what marketing cost is lower, and which is better. For example, high-end brand marketing often sell to users is the future, or is the trend, it focuses on the influence of the target user group inside, so that they have to rely on thinking. OVER!

Adsense encyclopedia lose its taste: teacher Hao said, this should be decided according to the actual situation of

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