An on line algorithm Scindapsus love Shanghai chain trading platform is K

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Scindapsus?The meaning of the

1, super chain intermediary will be against


visible above the Links plate for a sale site Links, analysis Links visible much of it is not related to the industry, and there are a variety of industries.

to see Ali slightly included in the site records available, included Ali slightly reduced from 125 to 0 of the website, very understand very clearly, is K, and the date is February 20th!!! This love Shanghai Scindapsus officially launched the date of agreement algorithm.

example: Ali slightly outside the chain trading platform by K.

3, buy links will be checked, high quality original site will improve

after the love Shanghai set up a web search anti cheating team, love Shanghai and recently launched a love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the new algorithm officially launched, on-line time for the first week after the Spring Festival to February 19, 2013.

What is the


will be right down the site for example as shown in figure

We all know that

Wenzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai analysis, think the site is the value of the user’s recognition and the value of the site itself, rather than become a stepping stone to a profit. Super chain intermediary, the chain trading platform is the malformation of the flower, need to purify

love Shanghai new algorithm Scindapsus aureus algorithm


2, selling links website will also be adjusted

analysis of Wenzhou Shanghai dragon blog, this link to sell for a living, collection as the main content of the website seriously affect the Internet environment, will be hit.


can we love Shanghai search Ali slightly, you can not find the site because of Ali Ali slightly, slightly the site was K



love Shanghai pay more attention to the original, so when we remember to retain the source address reprint. Reprinted from blog 贵族宝贝131798贵族宝贝/post/270.html, don’t forget

The Oh!

Wenzhou Shanghai dragon look, feel a little sense. Will the regular benign Shanghai Longfeng way to get attention, at the same time more valuable website will get more and more to show, Shanghai Longfeng staff will see their hard effort to get good results.

love Shanghai algorithm and Scindapsus is green, the green evergreen plants, strong vitality, purifying the air and the environment, known as the "flower of life", and the flower of happiness. Thus, Wenzhou Shanghai dragon that love the sea the meaning of this name is to purify the Internet space, against low quality website.

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