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in Shanghai in the hope that the dragon as everyone knows, website content often update the value of the content, but the site’s structure is best not too good to change, so the webmaster in dealing with these problems is very cautious, because before there is a website for these reasons by search engine index records all empty, that is we often say that the amount collected is cleared, or by the K station.

search service providers to focus on, now also appears on the market the situation of the Three Kingdoms, and old love Shanghai and Qihoo 360 and married wife SOSO sogou. The search service provider in order to build their own ecosystem, of course, we can also say that they contribute to China Internet, as they say, let the user in a more efficient way to find valuable content, but in fact they are included. They have launched a variety of let the webmaster to use tools, the system is called the webmaster tools. For example, in the past in the eyes of the public, unless the case is not have to adjust the structure of the site, such as modified columns or mobile columns, this operation may make the site suffered fatal injuries; but there is a website, I can tell the search engine website is how to change in the first time after the revision. For example, the path I now transform to another place, impact will be much smaller than before.

When using the However,


we can actually see this technique is very simple, as the official content inside said by the web crawler grab we replace a IP page in the web site, and then crawl to test its results will show some basic information, such as analog capture access device >

love Shanghai webmaster tools before I use the crawlers did some love Shanghai officials did not specify what aided their work. He also from the mining platform to a lot of valuable things, but at that time I also have no confidence to share with you this skill, is the site for IP decrease the effect of skill, and today I found the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official sent the article to the official, to share with you. The following is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster of the official release of the contents:


may have been the webmaster or a few or even painful, it is because of various reasons we have to change the server, the attendant is to change the server IP, such as we use virtual host, website development to a certain extent when fewer resources can not upgrade is also so elastic, traditional VPS. Because it must be replaced IP, but this time we all know that IP search engine is likely to be uprooted, especially before the change will be basically empty records, but also to more than a week to recover, and for the development of the site every detail is very important. Because many owners may prefer to pay more price is not willing to choose to replace the IP.

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