nobility baby officially pushed corporate pages in the search function promotion features

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Horowitz predicted that "+Pepsi will become an advertising template, similar phrase a lot of billboards in the future."


Direct Connect users will according to approved and established and inter brand show browsing information in the enterprise homepage, it also shows the established brand and user long-term social relationships. This is a bit like the old AOL keywords, and Follow Facebook’s "Like" and "Twitter".

Details of the

although very few people will put the search bar as a command line to use, but Google will promote the brand, enterprise homepage in the search approach is still very influential.


The use of

November 8th news according to foreign media reports, the noble baby + in today officially launched the famous brands and enterprises "service function. This function already has in Facebook and Twitter, so the large enterprises have been expected to launch similar noble baby + function. Google vice president Bradley · Horowitz (Bradley Horowitz) said, in the long-awaited, any "non real users, such as company, brand or organization can finally create an account in the noble baby + enterprise, therefore have to create a free brand + channel in the noble baby home.

and other social networks like function is different, the noble enterprise will baby + page in Google search by "special promotion". Users in the use of Google search, as long as the input of special search instructions "+", coupled with the company name, brand, brand operation can be done to pay more attention to the noble baby +.

+ Direct Connect

for example, the user can type in Google search in +Pepsi, to complete the automatic focus on Pepsi’s noble baby + homepage. The Google technology called Direct Connect, and that the technology has been approved, the principle is a very complex and highly confidential formula based on the.

differenceThe relationship between

brand pages essentially does not apply to the noble baby +, because the user is in the noble baby + through different "circles" to complete the classification of friends, and friends to share the selectivity of different classified information release. Therefore, in order to real.

noble baby

Direct Connect

search operators is not what fresh technology. Google has long supported a very complex and confusing search operators. But Horowitz said, in fact all of Google search, only less than one percent of a small part of the search using these operators.

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