Do not know to teach you how to write business optimization scheme

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of their own understanding of the situation, to analyze your competitors, because if they before you will have embarked on the optimization of the road, then they will than you high starting point, worth a lot of things, to its aspects, from keywords to web design, layout and so on all sort of down.

The framework of

clearly understand the company’s current situation, the company operating status of user groups, existing rivals in the plus, then to the depth of mining analysis to locate keywords for their company’s current status, the word is very important, must be careful, because every word must be clear choice, at least in the heart a why their.

three, competitor analysis

user group analysis and

five, the website set up

six, Shanghai dragon’s strategyUnderstand

, keywords also have the website construction well, then as a Shanghai dragon e>

Keywords How to describe the

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, this should be a lot of confusion just settled in Shanghai dragon industry practitioners who believe that, just go to work, or when the optimization of business negotiations and other individual enterprises, hope to provide a detailed plan on the Dragon Phoenix, popular point that plan good or bad, can directly determine the rest of your income, so the importance of the program will not be repeated, the enterprise optimization scheme in the end you how to write? If you submit a proposal of Shanghai dragon to your boss, then a Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme can be achieved through the following eight aspects:

for the purpose of optimization for the purpose of marketing, marketing orders, and orders from the customer, so the analysis of user groups is important, according to the current situation in the first analysis of the company, the company to locate the user groups belong to the kind of people? Have enough purchasing power or the huge user base of white-collar? The group of young? These are to be analyzed clearly, the direction of development, and then according to the analysis results about the site positioning out simply, how to optimize.

After Keywords

two, the company’s website

four, positioning

analysis of the current situation of the company’sThe status quo and the optimization scheme of

will locate the optimization framework with the means to draw up a website frame erection scheme, it simply is the construction of a suitable for the optimization of the site, and to speak the key words reasonable layout to the site.

company what is the relationship? Seemingly unrelated, but learned a lot, at least you want to work for someone else, you also need to know what others are? Can you quietly toil, which is pretty as a husband, then analyze the company’s current situation is very necessary, simple situation describe the importance of the company, and engaged in the Shanghai dragon, which will determine the future will invest for you how much RMB your boss.

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