Tong Yang you can master the five factors to know love Shanghai

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is also the related content, the more relevant content, more conducive to the rankings, because this is equivalent to the "love Shanghai know the chain", is equivalent to the question of "the chain", when people see, it is possible to see that in the relevant content, the results are naturally conducive to the rankings.

many people love Shanghai know, do a few times to give up, because often be deleted or answer questions, very frustrating, in fact, questions and answers are skills, such as question time and adoption time interval to frequently change IP, answer the account level to high, after a good deal of these love, Shanghai know this ranking has just begun.

second, keyword density

this point to a certain extent can improve the keyword density, and describe a number of issues, can give a person a kind of "that’s what I want to ask" feeling, then start the promotion effect is certainly easier.

first, to be ranked first, the answer cannot be deleted.

) This paper by Tong Yang


received a very large number of ranking influences. More, more conducive to ranking.


it is needless to say, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, how important is it is not self-evident. But here I want to emphasize one point, increase keyword density must not be easily by keyword, such as to improve the word "slimming products", 000 can’t write "slimming products, slimming products, slimming products that good? What good?" and so on, such a look is the accumulation of keywords, it is easy to be deleted.

fourth, the description of the problem.

third, the number of


love Shanghai know there is a "praise" button, as shown in figure

(贵族宝贝 original, welcome to reprint.

as everyone knows love Shanghai for their products, has always been like, often give very high weight, so, love Shanghai know this platform is a a hotly contested spot, a period of love Shanghai know the promotion, the author has done well, the experience of sharing out here to readers.

fifth, "the number of relevant content".

when we have sex in Shanghai know, will see (for example, Shanghai dragon, as shown in figure


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