The site diagnosis and Optimization about the web series four three elements of thinking

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Hello, a Zhu Weikun recently engaged in channels integration of network marketing or public training, when many people support, basically every day hundreds of people attended, they love to listen to me every day to share the dry cargo. This time, people will want to dry cargo how can every day? This is the Kun marketing thinking, we can see Zhu Weikun on the website the following three elements: title, keywords, description, simple things into marketing thinking, will have the same effect.

The first picture:


1, Shanghai attaches importance to Title keywords



from the picture above can tell you that we use the experience and a user experience derived down:

user experience marketing

Shanghai dragon friends all know that there are three key elements of the website, today is using this web site, Taiyuan move nets as a case. After all, recently with his A5 to contribute, basic submission can be passed, thank you very much for the hard A5 the auditor, well into the following topics:


this is a mode of thinking, we are also on the web site, can be explained, we first take a look at Zhu Weikun gave us the title:

, a website title

first, we want to let go of thinking to think about a problem is not the website with an article is the same article? What to attract people? Very simple is the title, want a valuable article title, accounting for seventy percent, because you are for the original article, change a title, users see and the user will think you, of course you write write well, the title does not have any effect on




official website brand word


we all know love Shanghai Chinese word matching, but not difficult to find keywords perfectly matched, will reduce a lot of index screening time, for example, you just want to do keyword ranking only, so more moving network keywords as you can, the key word can enter the home page.

take these to do the example, look at the picture:



, 3 + keywords + keywords + keywords + · · · ·

2, the main keywords and long tail keywords + brand

the above mentioned are a lot of words are written in the title, the 5 word is suspected of accumulation, but set >



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