The webmaster should do long tail keywords

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1.title and long tail keywords in meta

the first paragraph of the article, for the first time, or bold and inclined to change color, first add hyperlinks, links to write this article, if want to do other web page optimization can also link to other pages, the anchor text link to improve the site keywords is very help and promotion. In the middle of each paragraph reasonable appear several times long tail keywords can, at the end of 1 key words, can be bold or tilt. Through the study of Shanghai library love show: anchor text links only when first appears with it, I found a lot of friends as long as the keyword plus links, personally think that is not reasonable, so as to avoid excessive

general long tail keywords search volume is small, often through the website home page to optimization, through the article page to do the most is Shanghai dragon Er practices, but does not rule out individual special circumstances, such as for Taobao customer sites, often a long tail keywords can bring thousands a month income. Novice by learning some skills in the Internet tend to optimize some misunderstanding, still think this is mainly the problem of mentality, the novice often Yangaoshoudi anxious, but no rankings and flow.

in other pages of websites are reasonable for their own long tail keywords just made by adding links. As long as your web site is included, the links on this page (link to your site other pages) is the reverse link, said these are mainly to the novice to listen to, some novice friends always think only in someone else’s website is the reverse link is wrong, the use of reasonable website inside yourself link more than net >

a "title and meta in the core keywords less, do not cause personal web page keywords between competing with each other, so the title in your keywords, suggestions: 1 times; descriptin keyword occurrences: 3-4; keyword tag: 1 times. Don’t chew, do not stack keywords! Remember

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2. to the long tail keywords in the articleReasonable 1-2 times long tail keywords

Optimization of optimization!

3. station link appears long tail keywords

long tail keywords: as the name suggests, is the main site in the long tail keywords keywords front or rear plus modified new keywords new words. Long tail keywords is relative, not absolute. Now there have been many long tail keywords query, the query is also very convenient, the main keywords and long tail keywords analysis is the most important tool to determine the long tail keywords after how to optimize the long tail keywords. Listen to the following cloud to give you a simple analysis of how to do long tail keywords, master drifting, the novice can learn to communicate with you. Bless the A5 staff and the majority of owners in the new year in good health, family happiness!

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