The new station will not be search engine included what

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      website optimization, in the general case, even if he do bad, the search engine will not at all not included. The line on the website for a long time but the search engine is still not included, only the following reasons.

with unstable web server

so, if your site is put up for a long time, but still have not been included, see your site is not the existence of these problems.

many people for the sake of convenience, the time of love with the old domain name, but we know that the old domain also has certain advantages in the website ranking, if in the old domain have the right conditions, and your content to its website content and almost, this time is beneficial to your site ranking, but then go home, if the old domain have been punished so that the result of history, on the contrary, if you choose to have an appropriate domain name is registered, but after this, we need to be vigilant, to fall in love with Haicha records.

at this time comparable to the era of money a lot of people are in order to facilitate the time when selecting a server, consciously chose to record space abroad, to know the operation of development of the site there is a fatal impact, if you really want to have a website to long-term development and survival, it is necessary to the server can ensure a stable state. Because of the instability of the space when in use will be very slow or even close to collapse, so that the web experience will be low, and finally only face off results. With this optimization is not directly related to, or as early as possible a stable space.

degree is too lowIn fact,

has been punished the domain name


normally, just on the line will have a new robots file settings, this is to prohibit the spider love Shanghai. But when the new line really is to lift the ban, so if it is not set to lift, the search engine of course is not grab.

robots is set to not allowed to grab


search engine said that he is a robot is not entirely right, because the search engine special love original content, therefore, when many sites in the acquisition of content, although the content is very rich, but included the speed is very slow, we generally on the website of the update speed or to have the law, and must be updated that is the original. Of course, there is no original false original words is feasible, but at present, the intelligent search engine with more and more high, his ability to distinguish content is more and more strong.

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