The small and medium sized enterprise website do pay promotion or promotion of good Shanghai Dragon

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2, for personal Adsense promotion optimization

2, classified information

outsourcing website

a lot of small and medium enterprises choose to love Shanghai to promote this mode of payment is because of the love of Shanghai promotion is a pay for performance of the network popularization, it is very easy to operate, can also use a small amount of short-term capital investment income and access to a large number of potential customers, the effect is very good. Love Shanghai promotion is to let business owners who own pricing, the higher the price of who is in the front, as can be imagined, we will have to first place for cheap love finally head broken and bleeding, Shanghai.

this is a better way to promote their own website, and now many companies are willing to find some relatively strong capacity, personal prestige >

two, Shanghai dragon

Now a lot of

and small and medium-sized enterprises will choose Shanghai dragon to do promotion, this promotion I believe we know: the cheapest way of promotion. If the enterprise can do that is free of Shanghai dragon promotion.

enterprise development has been more and more cannot do without the network, and the network to bring a small business interests can be said to be great, some companies even completely rely on the network to support a group of people, so enterprises in the network must be ready for war, beautiful play, let oneself at sea surf. If you want to do which a network promotion is a must, promotion is divided into pay promotion and promotion of Shanghai dragon, today I want to share with you is the two aspects of knowledge.


a lot of liberal business owners will take the way of outsourcing website, the website will give a network company to do the promotion, but here it will encounter a problem, a lot of the time we business owners for the industry price will not know, most of the time will be fooled, and many are some outsourcing station by sending software network company to do it, the effect rises significantly, down too fast, there is great risk, of course, to find a good network of companies is good.

believes that some enterprise site, the first time out of the love of Shanghai promotion is used in this way, love is to promote Shanghai burn every day, and the classification of information is mostly only need to spend a year membership fee within a year is free, this seemingly affordable way is not so affordable, because you can’t guarantee on the home front, even can not guarantee in the home, this is not what effect. And every day the need to adhere to, the workload is very large.

1, Shanghai

promotion of love

in fact it is not difficult to find a problem, the beginning of many small and medium enterprises to enter the network in the selection are paid promotion, but are high cost, this problem is worth us thinking. Below I will together with the analysis of 2 kinds of pay promotion ways of small and medium enterprises and people.

, a pay promotion

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