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about a week, Adsense reply, this reply content is more simple, as follows:

after "careful" changes, owners believe that website has to meet the quality standard, then sent a letter of confession as a warning for the future mail, both hands swear to God "will not violate the quality guidelines and regulations of Adsense" (though he did not know where the illegal)……


the early release, but the problem is not resolved. As it happened, 2013, my friend’s Adsense account was closed. Open the message to see, reason is "violation of noble baby webmaster quality guidelines". Therefore, your AdSense account has been disabled, part of the noble baby excerpt in the mail.

I’ve successfully unlinked your AdSense and Analytics accounts. If you’d

as you know, noble baby attaches great importance to the violation of our plan policy. For violation of AdSense plan policy is disabled account the publisher will not be able to continue to participate in the noble baby AdSense plan.

follow the link to integrate accounts on the " Overview" or; " Advanced

group of noble baby

(disabled account is due to illegally noble baby Adsense anti cooperation standard)

after a few days to receive such a letter "I have to cancel your Adsense and Analytics account email:

I wish you greater success!


because of the specific violation of the agreement is not clear, so he made a careful study of the site quality guidelines, to think in violation of the content, "all the rectification. That noble baby website quality guidelines is content too stiff, and there are a variety of possible violations, all need a point in, if not carefully read very hard to understand what it means.

like to re-link your AdSense account with an Analytics account, please

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