How to determine the site keywords

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in the Shanghai dragon eyes of Er, according to the personal subjective thinking is to determine the key words is not accurate, the late site development, often need to re design the keywords, modification and screening, in order to meet the needs of users widely. It is for this reason, after the keyword determine on the website theme, the need for strict selection and positioning website before


keyword is for web services, so the key words need closely related with site theme. This is easy to understand, but very important, do not ignore the


broad stationmaster is often the most easy to make mistakes, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng newcomers will make this mistake imperceptibly.


for an independent website, subjects are generally determined well in advance, for example, you have to do a Shanghai Longfeng learning website, the theme is Shanghai Longfeng nature.

learning when writing in the school, the teacher will tell us: "in writing before, must first determine the main content, the theme of the article, and then around the theme of the content and thought of writing." In Shanghai Longfeng work site, like a good article, and keywords, is the main content and the center of the thoughts, the webmaster need at the beginning of the site is fixed.

keyword selection principle

1. and the theme of the site is closely related to

however, keywords can not plan well in advance, such as a Shanghai Longfeng learning website, may not be able to identify some and their related business, may not be able to identify some of the themes and his related keywords.

in many have realized the importance of the Shanghai dragon in the enterprise, they will first think of the name of the key is the industry. For example, the boiler company, will choose the word "boiler" to optimize the company will keep the toilet toilet; "the word optimization to the first. However, such a broad selection keywords is unwise, has the following drawbacks:

not a lot of experience in Shanghai Longfeng often in accordance with their own ideas, to set some of the main content related to Shanghai dragon website, and then focus on the content for the website construction. This essentially is not wrong, but you have to understand that the head of the idea does not necessarily represent the majority of Internet users interested in Shanghai Longfeng ideas, but can not say that is determined according to their own personal views will be able to meet the needs of most users keywords.


2. to be precise but not broad

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for a web site, everything should be around the site theme, keyword is no exception. If the choice of keywords and website topic, even the so-called "hot words" can bring to the site of money flow, also can not use this word, because such words of website brand, network marketing has no meaning, but also have adverse effects on the visitors.

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